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Dr . Ali Moustafa Mosharafa

Dr. Ali Mustafa is a Mosharafa of Egyptian genius, one of the prominent names in the scientific field, which was appreciated by Egyptian and international due to his distinctive scientific status, he knew about Dr. Mosharafa of his religious upbringing committed and that she has accompanied him throughout his life, as I accept the knowledge and he took away from him to enable access To a distinguished scientific position that the whole world has witnessed.  











Birth and Genesis:-

Ali Mosharafa was born on July 11, 1898 in Damietta Governorate, Egypt, born in an affluent family that is respected and valued by all, and with a high degree of knowledge and culture, his father is Mr. Mustafa Attia, Mosharafa of one of the sheikhs, who is keen on bringing his children together on religion and science, until They come out to the community of righteous sons, and Ali was the eldest son of Mustafa Mosharafa , but unfortunately the father was not able to see his son in the place where he arrived where he died in 1907 CE, the same year when the supervisor of the elementary certificate was not only the physical sciences control the life of Ali Mosharafa, and you The religious sciences were the foundation where his father worked since he was young to educate his son and directed him towards religion, and a supervisor of memorizing the Koran small, this in addition to memorizing many of the correct ahaadith, and this religious support was the catalyst in all the stages of his life, which followed many events and of achievements.

The beginning of scientific life :-

Mosharafa began to put his foot on the scientific road when he got the baccalaureate degree with a large sum which is his family to join the best colleges but despite this he decided to enroll in the higher teacher school, and after graduating from it and because of his excellence and his ingenuity was chosen to travel within a scientific mission and for the first time to England In 1917, he joined a number of faculties, including the College “Nottingham “, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in science with honours from the Royal University of London in 1923, and then he received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of London in a short period of time again honoured to the embrace of the country where he was appointed A teacher at the teacher’s high school, but he once again returned to a negltra where he completed his studies and was able to get a doctorate in science to become the first Egyptian to receive such a degree.






Certificates and achievements obtained:

After receiving his doctorate, he returned again to Egypt, where he was appointed as a professor of applied sports at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, and obtained a degree “Professor ” in 1926, despite the objections that accompanied this decision because Mosharafa did not exceed thirty years old and that was not everything where he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science in 1936, the deanship was successively four consecutive times due to his competence and outstanding scientific performance, and in December 1945 he was appointed as an agent of the university and the Faculty of Science during the period of his studies has a scientific brilliance, opening the field for the Students for scientific research, and worked on the establishment A section of English language and translation in the faculty, and about the study in pure Sports in Arabic, and compiled a dictionary of vocabulary of scientific terminology to translate it from English to Arabic.  

Scientific and practical contributions:

Dr. Mosharafa had many valuable scientific contributions in which he interpreted and modified a number of theories and scientific issues, modified the relative theory of Einstein, and the electronic and electromagnetic theory of light, as he added a number of new theories like his theory in interpreting Radiation from the sun, his theory of radiation and velocity which is one of his most important theories and was the reason behind his fame where he proved that the substance in its origin, and both the material and the radiation can be considered two sides of one thing can turn to the other and this theory opened the field afterwards for The atomic materials to radiation and despite the honorable research in the atom, but it was one of the strongest rejects to be used in wars, and to Mosharafa of many researches in the theories of quantum, maize and radiation, mechanics and dynamics and many other valuable researches, and his research has occupied a distinct place in the universities and in scientific journals.   

Ideas and theories:-

He has always advocated for the armament of Science and to keep abreast of the scientific progress in the world, but to strive for superiority and not just to be at the same level, and that there must be scientific parity so that there is no threat from one country to another, this in addition to the importance of studying the past and what the old scientists wrote to benefit from it of the present sciences, and that the human being must see what is always around him old and modern and in addition to the honorable efforts in the field of science and corn and other scientific matters, he was also acquainted with matters of literature, language and poetry he was a member of the Egyptian complex of scientific culture in Arabic, and he translated A number of researches to the Arabic language, he was keen to attend conferences and debates and published several articles.





Death of the Genius:-

Mosharafa died on January 15, 1950, after much effort was made for science, and the whole world witnessed his genius and his outstanding scientific potential, and there is a statue Mosharafa at the London Wax Museum in the world’s most aerosol scientist.  

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