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Shaykh Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary

The exclusive of the greatest reciters and Sheikh, Sheikh Jalil and a distinguished Egyptian reader who enjoys the sweetness of sound and freshness, and is one of the most famous readers of the Holy Qur’an in Egypt and the Islamic world, he saved the Holy Qur’an at the age of eight, and learned the ten readings, thanks to the registration of the Holy Quran recited by the most From a novel, he was the first reader to register the Holy Quran Sheikh al-Husary visited a large number of countries where he recited the Holy Quran and visited most of the Islamic countries and a number of Western countries, and succeeded in his beautiful and influential voice, which Allah Almighty blessed him in reciting the verses of the Holy Quran from A large number of foreigners have made the declaration of their Islam the exclusive Sheikh is the first to read the Holy Qur’an in the American Congress, and permission for Zuhr prayers at the United Nations Headquarters, and from the countries he visited and recited the Holy Quran in which England, and the Philippines, China, India and many other countries The other.  












Al-Shaikh exclusive birth and origin:-

Sheikh al-Husary was born in the village of “Shubra al Namlah” at Tanta Center in Gharbia Governorate on 27 September 1917, his father appended him to the book of the village when he was four years old, and he completed the preservation of the Holy Qur’an when he was eight years old, in addition to learning the tajweed of the Koran known exclusively among the sons of his village With his beautiful voice in reciting the verses of the Holy Quran, he received a lot of admiration and approval from many people and his name began to frequent throughout the village, so the villagers called him on their different occasion to recite verses of the Holy Quran he joined at the age of 12 at the Religious institute in Tanta where he continued to study Up to the high school level, then he learned the ten readings of the Holy Qur’an.

His practical and scientific career :-

 al-Shaikh practical career began with a request for the work of the Egyptian radio in 1944, and indeed he fought the exam for the reciters and succeeded in it with superiority advanced on others and was adopted to work as a reciters in the Egyptian radio, and was the first reading aired on live On November 16, 1944, he was appointed as Sheikh of Sidi Abdel Mmasal in Tanta City, then a decree was issued in 1948 appointing him as a muezzin of Sidi Hamza Mosque but he wanted to be a reader of the verses on Friday, a decision to transfer him to the post of Surat Reader on 10 April 1948 in the same mosque that besides his job as a sheikh of the headquarters Sidi Abdel-Mmasal, after which a ministerial decree was issued providing for the technical supervision of the Province of Gharbia, and on April 17, 1949, he was assigned to read the mosque Sidi Ahmed Bedouin in Tanta City, and remained in the mosque al-Ahmadi until 1955, then he was transferred to Cairo as a reader of the Sweara in the Imam a mosque To Hussein in Cairo due to the death of its reader Sheikh al-Saifi, the Sheikh al-Husary took many positions, including: In 1959 he was appointed as a reviewer, expert and corrector for the Qur’an of Al-Azhar in the Committee of the Qur’an and Hadith in the Islamic research complex, then a presidential decree was issued by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser Appointed as an Egyptian sheikh in 1960, he was chosen by the Ministry of Awqaf as a technical advisor for the Affairs of the Holy Qur’an in 1963, and then as Chairman of the Commission for correcting the Koran and reviewing it in Al-Azhar in 1963, and a technical expert for the sciences of the Qur’an and the year 1967 in the Islamic Research complex He was elected President of the Union of readers of the Islamic world in 1968, and was the first to read in the United States Congress and the UN.






Quran Recordings:-

The exclusive Sheikh was the first to register the Mushaf recited to the radio in 1960, where he recorded some of the wall that was displayed to the Ministry of Awqaf where she agreed to continue to register the Mushaf fully recited so the exclusive Sheikh was the first reciters to collect the Holy Quran recited on CD, so he recorded first with a novel Hafs, then again recorded the recitation of Warsh about Nafea, then recorded his voice, then he recited the novel Qaloon and the league, then he recorded the teaching Mushaf, and he spent the registration of the Mushaf recited by different novels about ten months and he received the recitation of the Quran which was recorded by Sheikh exclusive admiration and approbation Many, and found a huge turnout of people all the recitation of the Quran was recorded for the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, where the Council distributed it to the broadcasts of the Islamic world, and was not exclusive to pay attention to the material return that will derive from this, but was seeking to memorize the Holy Quran in a form that facilitates He traded among many people and preserved him, and the recorded recitation of the Quran achieved an unprecedented landslide success.

Books and Writings:-

Sheikh al-Husary has authored a number of books in various readings, enriched by the Islamic library, and was the first reader to write books, from these books: “Landmarks to find knowledge of standing and starting”, “The novel about the son of Amr ibn Alaa al-Basri “, “rulings on reading the Holy Quran “, “M The Holy Qur’an “, ” The group of ten readings of Shatebya and Durrah “, ” the best effect in the history of the fourteen readers “, ” The great conquest and magnification “, and many other books.

Awards and honours:

Sheikh al-Husary received a number of honours, including: The award of the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser for the first degree of science and Arts in 1967, as a kind of homage to him because he recorded the Mushaf recited, and also received the appreciation of many kings and presidents in the Arab and Islamic world.







The exclusive sheikh was a heart patient and the disease intensified upon his return from a trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his death on November 24, 1980, May God have mercy on the Shaykh al-Jalil and his vast paradise, and give him a lot of good for all Muslims, the exclusive Sheikh has done many charitable works before his death. , he established a religious institute in his own country with an ant, a large mosque as well as another mosque to memorize the Koran, and recommended his children to donate one third of his money in order to complete the construction of these charitable projects.

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