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Love blame

The feeling of caring from someone we feel the direction of love and tenderness because there is no love without attention attention is always more important than love,


you can today if someone in your life does not care about you and love you too or if there is a friend intentionally ignoring to send him

the words of blame or pictures with a talk Words about not caring and ignoring him directly,

but you first have to ask him the excuse it may be that the act is caused by forgetting

in this case that the excuse or ticket would be better either if the person is intentionally you can send him harsh and strong words of censure

for not caring and ignoring to feel the amount of pain that Feel it. Words about lack of interest: From here you can send words about not caring,


ignoring and forgetting in the form of blame or pride and self-esteem, so you send it now to Watts August on Facebook on Twitter wherever you want.

Not giving people a lot of attention doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve them but don’t overdo them. Make yourself on average a little bit of attention and a little ignored.

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