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Blame the lack of attention

Send the words of blame for not caring and ignoring with your lover or friend or husband or wife or friends and let’s be aware that intentional neglect 

and exaggerated negligence is the top concern and that the insistence on denying a certain order is only proof and confirmation of this matter

and a message of reproach to anyone who looks at the eye of the almighty I will see For him to ignore and who sees me with humility

I will give each one its size no more and no less and say yes that I ignore you and also we have to know that the strongest kind of attention is deliberately ignoring

I will look to him with interest and whispering away from you with a word of blame and love I miss you and I am not ashamed when I ignore my life Bite because

I vowed to be caring for those who deserve, and I can’t fake my feelings. I really don’t care when I’m not interested,

and I don’t like ignoring you. And you to know since I loved you and sank in the charm of your eyes I was killed from

the love of the absent and departing and betrayal and not caring but I will blame with love To me whatever you want in the heart of you, you have life.

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