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Love and Separation, quotes and sayings

Long wait. and cut it with reproach. What is the heaviest burden of parting.. And what is the saddest of his life.

You are the most beautiful thing in my life. . Oh, the outdoor antenna I was breathing from.

Inside me I call you. and welcome to you. My sense is looking for you. And my dreams imagine your image.

Provoke the moments. The moment is evaded. Call the words. You choke the spirits.

The pain hurts me. and disappear my courage. And despair destroys me.

My sense is looking for you. And my dreams imagine your image. You mean my life.

Lines of my pen draw your letters.. And your destiny in your chest exceeds my writing.

Your picture every day I embrace it. And the feelings of my heart are its lines. Shades of dimension Shadows me

She became a drowning drowning in the sea of her tears. Your departure, my love, the trouble of leaving in self a heartbreak.

And in the heart normal sump

Oh, my love, what a cruel life without you. Night-time feet crush me.

And my tears burnt my eyelids. My heart beats you say my love

If my place was a mountain to collapse and perish. Honey, I’m not going to forget you forever.

I will not forget you, jasmine perfume. o The fragrant of the Basil . I’m not going to be your big heart.

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