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* sad moment

I kept my tears and it increased
And he increased he was on the cheek with a fire
Like the fire water in my cheek.

And the hardest of it is above them downhill
I am waiting for whom I cried for parting

And from his parting I lost the audacity
The beating of the heart is an evil.

I said be patient he said: enough
I said, “What do you intend?” So when again

and shaving.. Neither consulted nor underestimated
He ran after the train, he cried.

You know, train, I
I am saying goodbye to you
And do you know what I said I was walking behind, Ian Sara?

Be careful, you late.
I feel like I’m on the ground alone.
And the earth has become a wasteland, no eyes see pleasure

My soul finds a decision.
You know, Nightingale, Rod from me.

I am the rhythm of crying and no one can imitate people when he cries
But I am the crying innovator!
With every very first letter of every password

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