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Love Forever

In your hands, my dear little bird. I loved you before you were born.
And before I was born.
It is a double love in the womb of time.

Thousands of years ago,
I’ve been looking for you.
And ask the breeze about you,

And ask the sky when it rains
And the birds when tweet,
I was asking about you the night and the dawn.
and pearls in the deep sea.

And if you want the truth,
Gentle Wave.
Ask about it the eyelids of the moon
And the star cilia,
where you find me hiding in it.

Open my arm.
In order to embrace your own.
When you come to me by evening.

If you know how much I’m longing for you
Why are you late for me all these years?
And I left my heart bewildered.

Waiting for you in the yearning of the dreamy lover
And innocence of the meek child
Who awaits the tenderness of his mother’s bosom.

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