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Drawing on cloth explanation and pictures

Learn here how to draw on the diamonds you can also start drawing on your home pillows or even used bedding at home or whatever you like to apply. Here are the steps and the way to work but before all this you have to equip the necessary tools. Follow step by step and apply it exactly to get the desired.

Tools Required

All the necessary tools


Pasta massager.

Transparent paper.

The paper is glued by a unit width less than 2 mm adhesive.

The cloth dye is present in large libraries.

Pencil and scissors for paper to come in the form of a knife and the design you love.

Method of drawing on cloth:-

Move the drawing on the transparencies by pencil.

After moving the painting on the transparencies, put it on the adhesive paper from the side that is not glued, preferably white.

And we put the body of the painted and the wipe and the scan from above until the painting turns on the adhesive paper, we continue to return the method until it is transferred to the second sheet.

Once the painting is over the adhesive paper, we start cutting it with scissors or a knife, but start from the middle to the outside in a way that you can easily control the paper.

At this point we return to the transparencies and put it on top of the massager and we pass it by pencil so that we can paste the drawing to the paper the matter is easy.

Now put the adhesive paper so that each painting is over the place to the painted, and keep it until it is fully glued and pasted.

Then we put the dye over it and now we pass the application and passing the masseur on the cloth this way. We can work this way on pillows, curtains or sheets and make sure that the dye of the cloth does not disappear with the water, but leave it to be completely dry before you touch it.

and pass the iron in this way to hold the dye increase but when dry stop ironing.

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