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Beard Dream

☆ from the view that he tweezing the beard, plucking the chin unless it hurts the shape of the face or the bad shape it is a fix him and he hates this reform
☆ from the view that the eyebrows are long or hair brows or prolonged eyebrows it has cases:-

1-he gets the money 2-long life 3.
☆ who saw that she had her hair or hair braiding or a hair strand that would indicate cases:-
1-It is good for women if they are not sick, if they are sick it shows the palace of the age

2-As for men if the man usually has to prolong his hair and to be bored it is fine because he refers to the mastery of things and save money

3- If his hair is short behind him and he is bored it is worries and debts

☆ In his opinion that his hair is too long or hair is so situations:-

1-he gets hurt and sadness and sorrow and misery

2-he enters the prison and locks
3-If he is an old elder, he lacks and becomes a debt of

4-if she is a young woman or a young man, she has long life and adornment and increase the beauty and femininity

5- If she is an elderly or older woman, he is near her death.
6-If a single girl is a virgin she marries

7-if she is a child she may die

8-if he is a man and wears the clothes of the poor or he is poor, there is nothing but it refers to the sins he committed

9-his weakness in controlling his family

10- Many children are responsible for it and fear

11- If he is a leader in The army or a soldier it increases and develops its weapon and becomes more power and prestige and control

12-if he wishes to prolong his poetry he becomes rich and repay all his debts and it is realized significantly if a woman who saw the hair of his head long and scattered from each other and dispersed a difference in his head, that indicates the distinction of the president’s money At work or the governor of the country











☆ of the view that his hair has fallen out of reason or hair falls out of unsatisfactory it indicates cases:-
1. The worries, sadness and sorrow of the August and the mother

2- If he is poor, the accumulation and growth of debts

3-if his hair is long and falls it goes through problems and crises

☆ from the view that the body hair is long like the hair of the shah or goats it has cases:-

1-if the one in the vision owner and love happiness and happiness Increase the money and be happy more in his life and prolong his age

2- If the one who is in the vision has worries fear and sadness he is narrow in his living condition and weaken his strength and become more energetic

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☆ in my opinion he shaved his body hair knife or his light any bald and smooth it shows that he is away from worries and the situation is good and increasing In Money and happiness

☆ from the view he shaved his body hair knife or blades any smooth and smooth the body if it was from the people of the world in the richness and joy turned the situation to the abomination and distress and fear and sadness

☆ of the opinion in the food his hair or found in the bite of bread his hair or like it it indicates a shortage and shortness of life
☆ of opinion in food lice or in the bread of lice or fleas it shows the children
☆ From the dream felt that the hair of the red chin is colored white hair, shobh the beard which is to be colored hair yellow and red colored white hair, that shows the temptation





☆ from the view that pubic hair has become long it is indicative of situations:-

1-the ruler or head of a country who has no religion from the non Arab countries hurts him and the place of this president as much as the length of pubic hair and many to withdraw in the land

2-it is the vileness and impurity of the vulva or the penis and its corruption in sins

☆ Pubic became short, it shows that it is good for him because its decrease of the prophetic sunnah from the view that the hair of the back of the head was overcome or fell, that indicates that he weakened his powers in the case of old age and Shaybah
☆ from the view that the hair of the headhead was anther and fell it indicates that he is humiliated by the time he is in. 

☆ from the view that his head was wrinkled or his hair became curly it has cases:-

1-If a man is free and ordinary it is good and benefit

2-if he is a servant or servant it is something that is hated by him

3-If it’s a scientist, it’s not good for the world.
4-He gets compensation with the money or clothes.

5-If the hair is long and smooth then wrinkle it humiliate and despise

6-if it is curly and become a long tribe scattered as the branches of the tree, he gets the money of his boss or differentiate the money of his boss

7-if it is curly and it is long and soft it will increase the money of its boss or country and prolong his life ☆ from the view in a dream that felt his head became like a horse hair it would indicate that he was arrested if he was a thief. 

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