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Fire Doors 7

For infidels

For the two-person

For the People

Revelation of the King of Egypt 7

The Almighty said in Surat Yusuf: “The king said I see seven cows

Eat them seven lean and seven Sunbelt greens and the last land…… “The sequel to verse

“Yusuf, a friend of ours in seven fat cows, all seven

Lean, seven, Green, and another, Besat “

7 May God keep them in the shadow of a day to remain the only shadow:

1. Fair Imam.

2-A young man who grew up in the worship of God.

3-A man with a heart attached to mosques.

4. Two men who are in God’s right. They met him and parted it.

5-A man who was invited by a woman with a position and a beauty said that I fear God.

6-A man who believes in Sadaqa and hides it. Even to learn

His right is what I spent north.

7-A man who mentioned God is empty and his eyes have been flooded with tears.

Verse number 7

And God gave the Prophet 7 the same

, for saying: {And you have found seven of the Great Quran and Qur’an}

: It was said in the seven-verse interpretation that it is the opening of the book

Ibn Abbas is also in the seven-day-old seven:

The cow, the Imran, the women, the table, the cattle,

, norms, Invalal and Innocence (3).

Thus, the correct argument supported by the evidence from the Sunnah is that what is meant

With the great Qur’an in the words of the Almighty:

{And you have had seven of the Great Quran and Qur’an}

Is Fatiha

With the pinnacle of miracles






Did you not see how God created seven skies of tobacco? [Noah: 15].

So the number of heavens created by God is seven and is mentioned in

The Holy Quran Seven, and hope this harmony, did it come by chance?!

And if we look, we find that number seven is the first digit in

The Qur’an is among all the numbers, and in the words of Exalted

And then it was ripened into the skies.

He is all-knowing) [cow: 29].

Miracles in Number seven

The number seven mentioned for the first time in the Qur’an in the saying:

Then it was settled into heaven.

And he’s all-knowing. [Cow: 29] And if we look for the verse that

He mentioned the number seven for the last time in the Quran we find it in the saying

: (We built above you seven-guy) [News: 12]. And now to

This dazzling harmony with number 7:

1-If we do after the fence of Surat al-Baqarah where WordPress

Number 7 The first time and even Surat al-Naba where the number 7 replied

Last time, we found exactly 77 Surah, and this number

Multiples of 7

2-If we do after the verses of the first verse where the number is received

7 until the last verse where this number was received, we found 5649 a

, and this number of multiples of seven also.

3-If we do after the verses of the first Sura Al-Baqarah, in which the number 7 is mentioned

For the first time and even the last chapter of the news where the number seven was mentioned for the last time

We’ll find a number is 5705 a, and this number of multiples of seven Also

4-If we do after the verses from the beginning of the Qur’an and until the last Surah Al-Anaba

Until the end of the surah where the number seven was mentioned for the last time,

We found exactly 5712 Aya, and this number of multiples 7 also.

We summarize these inconsistencies:

Number 7 first time………… Number 7 last time

The number of railings from the first sura until the last of the number 7 multiples

The number of verses from the first verse to the last of the number 7 multiples

Number of verses from the beginning of the Quran to the first verse of the number 7

Number of verses from the beginning of the Quran to the last of any multiples number 7

The number of verses from the first of the first Surah and to the first any of the multiples number 7

Number of verses from the first sura of the last end of the number 7 complications

And hope: Have all these incompatibilities come with number seven by blind coincidence?

These provisions are seen in the words of the Qur’an, so how about if we want to

Do we manage the words of the whole Qur’an? The question now is: Can a coincidence make

The number of railings of the seven multiples, and the number of verses of the seven multiples

In what are you talking about number seven???!!

Certificate of Unification.. Number of words 7

To close the seven doors of Hell.


_ Muhammad _ Rasulullah (pbuh)

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