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A Sad Departure

Hey you…… You who lived my heart and left me awake the night the Stars and the clouds are protecting me and laughing at my heart you are the one who lived my heart














I don’t know where you are….. But your name in my memory is still imprisoned…….. don’t  forget my mind or my soul in the darkness of the Night to your love is rooted and I still have your heart attached to your return waiting for your messages to spray the entrances







and exits from the forum to meet you so where are you my love where is the ink pen I complain about the night break ….. Your name is from the first word of every word of the title Yes you will not forget






your love in the heart and my age was a promise and wait for me if I was in the heart to live in it don’t  deny the silence my reply and a letter from your reply enough to fight the silent character a sea of







mystery in brackets I became crazy and my medicine You my tender heart is odd my heart is broken sad and in your absence he became a lost patient with no known way or in life willing and not attached to it







and he is worried you will not understand my messages you know what I mean between each line and peace I promise me and in crazy so wait for me if you die then know that I really loved it Your apartment in a sincere heart amen Goodbye Love Rose










Last message, but last thoughts. Because I am out of your life and I will be defeated and proud I am a man and to those who loved madly peace be upon you meet us where the safeguarded promise I wish you a good and happy life filled with love and peace I am with my worries and tears













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