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Abu Bakr al-Razi

Al-Razi, the international miracle physician, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakaria al-Razi, a prominent Muslim scientist in the field of medicine, has diversified the areas of knowledge of this great world in many of the fields that we preach and that enable the integration of different branches of science to complement each other and win is The results he provides to the service of science and medicine Nabg al-Razi as we have already mentioned in many sciences including medicine, philosophy, chemistry, mathematics, natural Sciences and many others, and it was the fruit of this continuous effort of the Ragzi the collection of huge compositions that the legacy left behind for generations of scientists and students in many scientific fields, which they have taken as a reference in many scientific and medical matters.










Birth and Genesis:-

Born in 865 CE in the city of irrigation in Iran “Located east of the city of Tehran now”, Al-Razi was known from his childhood for his passion for knowledge and learning, and he went to study and research and collect the different sciences, where he spent a long time in them and he studied mathematics and music and when he reached the age of thirty Medicine and chemistry, the reading was his permanent companion on his scientific journey, which took a long time, especially during the evening he was staying in a butterfly read before he went to sleep al-Razi moved to Baghdad where he studied medicine and accepted this study with great passion and determination and determination to achieve this The study was a lot, and after completing his studies he headed the Bimarstan al-Bradi in Baghdad, and then again returned to his original home in Al-Rai where he served as chief physician in the Royal Bimarstan.

Discoveries and achievements:-

Al-Razi has contributed to many inventions and innovations in this field of medicine and chemistry because of his intelligence, research and constant pursuit of science, which made him a major contributor to the many medical and scientific things that doctors and scientists are now working on, from al-Razi scientific achievements, the following:

1-Inventing the butcher threads of the intestines of cats these threads that are used in surgical operations.

2-he used the wicks in the wounds.

3. He was the first to make a difference between smallpox and measles and he described each of them accurately.

4. has installed Mercury ointments.

And many other important medical achievements, Al-Razi was the first to use chemistry to serve medicine and he prepared a number of chemical compounds that serve the pharmacy, such as the first to prepare alcohol from a diabetic solution, and sulfuric acid by distillation of iron sulphate.












Al-Razi also explained a large number of diseases, including diseases of children, women, childbirth, eye surgery and diseases, and practiced many of the specialized medical things that we know today in modern medicine where he relied in his studies and researches to conduct experiments and practical verification of them to obtain On the results he tested the medicine first on the monkeys before giving it to humans, and worked to follow the condition and record the developments in order to be able to provide the appropriate treatment, and worked on the analysis of the patient and measure the pulse so that he can diagnose the disease.

He always called for single-drug therapy and not to resort to the compound drug except in cases of necessity, and he said, “no matter how much it is treated with a single drug, it is not treated with a composite drug.”

Knowledge of the European world of Al-Razi:-

Al-Razi has gained worldwide fame and fame in many European countries, and his writings have been widely publicized and translated into a number of European languages such as Latin, French and German, and have been reprinted more than once, and the European libraries included these copies, which they used as important medical references, It is a source of study and science, and these writings remained the main references to medicine in Europe until the seventeenth century CE.

The impact of this great medical world on the scientific arena is evidenced by the fact that the American University of Princeton has kept its writings in one of its greatest halls and has named it as a kind of homage and reverence for this great world due to its scientific efforts affecting the medical sciences.        

Books and Writings of Al Razi:-

Al-Razi enriched the medical and scientific library with many important writings that included many fields and has writings in medicine, chemistry, philosophy and logic from his medical literature:

The container in the science of therapeutics, smallpox and measles, Al Mansouri in anatomy, enough in medicine, the secret of medicine, the benefits of food, the payment of the harms of food and many other books in the medical field, as for the writings in the natural, including the way of vision, conditions of consideration, absolute and partial, world body, Al-Razi was renowned for chemistry as one of the pioneers of this science, which took his studies and carried out many chemical experiments and he employed in the service of medicine and knew al-Razi as one of the disciples of the Great Arab World Jaber bin Hayyan pioneer of chemistry, and from the writings of Razi in Chemistry is the Secret of Secrets, Measure, Elixir, special message, yellow stone, this is in addition to his writings in the field of philosophy, including the entrance to logic, the educational entrance, the entrance of the portal, and there are many other writings, which are comprised of the greatest libraries around the world.

The death of al-Razi:

Al-Razi died in 936 CE, after providing many great scientific services and after having done a lot of efforts for his research and experiments he lost his eyesight in the late life as a result of his passion for continuous access and reading for long periods of the night.

Al-Razi sayings :-

-Treat the first illness without dropping the force, what the doctors met and witnessed by the people and the experience and let it be in front of you.

If al-Hakim managed to deal with food without medicines, he accepted happiness.

-The patient should be confined to one of the trusted doctors and his mistake in the right hand is very easy.

-The truth in medicine is a goal that is not aware and the treatment of the books without the work of the skillful wise in his opinion is dangerous.

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