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Albert Einstein

Einstein the genius and professor of physics:-

Albert Einstein is a renowned physicist, credited with the emergence of many theories that have benefited mankind and science and which are still the foundation of many scientific applications to date and is the owner of the famous relativity theory, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 and despite his fame in theory Relative except that his Nobel Prize winning came in the field of “Photoelectric effect “.












Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in the German city of “Ulm ” for his father, Herman Einstein and his mother Pauline Einstein, and obtained both Swiss and American citizenship.

Birth, upbringing and education:-

Einstein was born to parents working together in a small workshop for the manufacture of electrical appliances, was a child late for other children where the skill of pronunciation was delayed to the age of three, and his teacher’s complaint about him because of the difficulty of absorbing his lessons, and no one would ever expect this scientific place that will Up to it.

Einstein received his first education in Munich and then moved with his parents to Italy, where he continued his studies in the city of Milan, then came again to Switzerland, joined a Catholic preparatory school, completed his high school in the Swiss city of Arua and then submitted to the exams of the Swiss Federal Institute In Zurich in 1895, he loved to study and graduated in 1900.

Einstein was very interested in nature and knew about his superiority in mathematics and his passion for him, and he was able to absorb many of the difficult mathematical concepts so that he was able alone to study Euclidean geometry, and studied in books related to science and mathematics.






Scientific and practical life:-

Einstein worked after graduating as a substitute teacher the following year he received the right of Swiss citizenship, and in 1902 he worked at the Swiss Patent Registration Office, and during his work he was able to obtain a doctorate in 1905 from the University of Zurich, and the subject of the thesis revolved around the dimensions of particles, and in the year 1906, he worked as a second-class technical examiner, and in 1908 he was granted leave to give lessons and lectures from the “Berne ” In Switzerland, he was appointed head of theoretical physics at the University of Zurich and then moved to the German University of Prague in 1910 to occupy the same position, and during his work he studied and presented a number of theories that She drew the attention of physicists, and she also made a statement to many scientists afterwards.

The First World War broke out and the political and military events rolled out rapidly and the German Caesarean section fell, instead of Republican rule, and the appearance of the opposition and the hatred of the Jewish entity began in Germany, especially with Hitler’s rise to power, and therefore Einstein moved to The United States of America after the Germans increased his hatred because he was a Jew, and the United States of America granted US citizenship in 1940, where he became a member of the “Institute of Advanced Studies ” of the University “Princeton ” in the State “New Jersey” where he settled in America as a citizen American while retaining his Swiss nationality.

Theories and Discoveries:-

In 1905, Einstein wrote his four articles, which made a coup d’état in the minds of physicists, presenting a number of theories that were the nucleus of the modern physics we know today, where he presented a theory called “Brownian motion” which is about the movement of randomly distributed particles in fluid, and “Special relativity Theory” in which Einstein knew of his relative surname, and the other “electro-electric Effect”, awarded for which the Nobel Prize, “The general theory of gravitation “, and “The theory of the common domain “, the theory of the special relativity addressed by Einstein is one of the most important theories Presented in that period, where it has been shown that the waves of light can spread in the open without the need for a middle or field, unlike other known waves that need a medium spread like air or water, and that the speed of light is constant velocity and not relative and that light is the only constant value in the universe and what Other than a variant, he introduced another theory known as general relativity that complemented the first theory.

Einstein’s theories and opinions revolutionized many scientific concepts, and in addition to his important theories, he also authored a number of books, including the “meaning of relativity ” 1920 m, “builders of the Universe ” 1932 CE, “about the theory of Theoretical Physics ” 1933 CE, “The world as I see ” 1934 M.

Awards and honours:-

Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921, in the field of “Photoelectric effect ” As he received the Copley Medal in 1925, a high-level award awarded by the British Royal Society, became Fellow of the Royal Association 1921, and an honorary member of the London sporting community in 1924 CE, Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1927, lecturer in the American sports community, 1934.






Death of the Genius:-

The great scientist Einstein died on April 18, 1955, at the age of 76, a large part of it in his various researches and experiments in the field of physics to come out to the world many theories that contributed to many fields of science and scientists, and his body was burned in the city “Trenton ” in the state “New Jersey “.

Einstein’s words and sayings:-

The two things that have no boundaries, the universe and the stupidity of man, although I am not sure about the universe.
The most important thing is not to stop wondering.
Everything that is great and inspiring is made by a man who works freely.
If the theoretical reality does not agree, it is not reality.
Madness is to do the thing time after time and expect a different result.
Any idiot can make things look bigger and more complex, but you need a brave genius to make them look the opposite.
Who did not make mistakes, did not try something new.
Culture is what remains after you forget everything you learned at school.
I do not know the weapon that man will use in World War III, but I know that he will use the stick and stone in World War IV.

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