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Amazing Chicken and Duke Wallpapers

The rooster and his emotional life, that the rooster wishes to have more than one female in his life and relationships, and acts with the chickens that are around him by acts «Mr.”, he selects according to his taste, and chooses according to his standards; to synthesize the hen that feels more than among the many chickens that are around him, the heart and what And even if your parents would eventually prefer one chicken, it doesn’t prevent him from having other occasional relationships with the rest of the chickens. You have a little love as if your parents ‘ action with the chickens is different when he has other cocks competing for him, to win the “people of good and pampering”, he gives up In this case of “Men’s Pride”, to become a romantic lover, more courtly and closer to the hen with which he had his heart, the competition has its laws and rituals, and the intelligent of the Roosters is the one who knows to adapt to all circumstances and your parents are arrogant, selfish, narcissistic and a feather blower; The only rooster in the midst of many chickens is the relationship of Roosters «emotional and intimate» with chickens, that the Rooster kings in Love and adoration, if he stayed with the same chickens, even the money to one chicken and chose from among all the chickens, the frequency of the “intimate relationship” with the «Beloved» decreases over time and loses its flavor And its heat, and that the number of sperm in the rooster, due to boredom and routine, decreases and weakens and the funny thing that the study confirmed, beyond doubt, that whenever a new chicken is displayed on the rooster, he felt the vitality and joy of life.












































































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