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Art painting and sculpture on eggs

By converting the thin outer crust of the egg into a fine artwork, not by drawing on it, but by carving intricate designs, using the head of a pin, which requires a tremendous amount of patience.





The technical process begins with a hole at the top and bottom of the structure or the outer crust of the egg in order to remove the whiteness and yolk from inside the eggs by the electronic drill,





which is then used in the events of thousands of holes in the thin crust of the bed, to serve as great artistic designs or pictures of famous faces,






such as The late rebel leader Che Guevara, or famous places such as the Eiffel Tower in France. All that is painted on the egg has special meanings and does not paint in vain,






and that is what the art of painting and sculpture on the egg historically, but in our time the art is divided into two parts: the Department of carrying these meanings and symbols according to the request of the customer,






General and various natural forms and others do not carry the known symbols and meanings. In their works, some artists rely on the art of embroidery on the egg,






they drill into the egg after emptying it with small holes and very precise and come with a soft and thin needle and strings in different colors and slender and start their work in embroidery on the egg after they have opened at one end a relatively large opening,





usually This kind of art on the big ostrich eggs so that the artist can better perform his work on it.







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