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And you wish the coming of the day you will see her fetus. This day is the day of birth. The day of birth is the last stage of pregnancy and is one of the most difficult stages for the pregnant woman.  







The hardest pain is the pain of childbirth, but nevertheless it is borne by the mother in order to see her fetus living inside her and her fetus and her heart forgetting all the pain and soreness she passed from the first day of pregnancy until the day of birth.






There are birth types: natural childbirth and Caesarean section. The type of birth is determined by the mother’s state of health and the intrauterine status of the fetus.






There are people who can’t conceive normally because there are many problems they face. There are problems with the husband and problems when the wife doctors try to cure before resorting to the process but there are some people do not benefit the treatment with them so the doctor has to resort to the process of ICSI, which indicates the development of science significantly.






Microscopic injections have also helped many people to cause pregnancy in large proportions. In spite of the developments of modern science, it is not allowed to give an unwritten human being to procreation, science is only a means of helping to achieve the desired goal.






But I pray to God for all of you to grant you the good offspring and not to deprive anyone from seeing their children and to carry every pregnant woman.





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