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Blame ignoring feelings

We all hate waiting and lies and being surprised and useless and not caring and everything is similar to these feelings and deeds and a correction to the meaning of love against hatred 






here we say it is against him in feeling but equal in the power of reproach and attention so love is hatred and not the opposite





it is a degree of interest in the brother But the lack of reproach and attention is the antithesis of love really






and the lack of reproach and interest in love may lead to the ways of parting so appreciation and respect is one of the most important basics of love






so you fear on the one who loves and his passion and caring for him and taking care of his circumstances and seeking excuses for him






and pray for him with good luck and success and happiness And keep his love and feelings secret and public and not to publish






what is between you after parting and to make sure that the reason of this separation is the lack of reproach between you






  and ignorance and lack of attention that breaks the strongest relations of love on the face of the earth.





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