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Blame It On love

Most of the time I care about who I love by blaming them unintentionally although I do not want to disclose that love and I have a feeling of self-esteem and pride, I feel like breaking the waves on the rocks of the beach.   






Love is also crashing on the rock of lack of interest and gradually confirming that the lack of reproach directly with WHO I liked the lack of interest in fixing





the relationship leads to the lack of love the lack of respect and the lack of sacrifice hurt feelings and confirmed that I should have paid attention to those who love and





blame who love the proof of love and not proof of not dispensing like I’m telling her. Yes, I love you and I can’t leave you. With his woman that makes her




love him over love love my advice to you lover Oh husband oh man I take care of it you have nothing to do with the love of women but neglect and not blaming in





love and here is a very important information that attention is more important than love and if you make me happy between someone who




loves me and someone who cares about me The person who captures me is interested in no interest in love without attention.






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