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Blame Lovers

There are three things that may be blamed on someone you love:-great attention and refraining from being honest with love and ignoring. 











The ignoring policy is the most interesting thing. In order not to fall into the grip of disappointment, you usually do not exercise much attention,





as some as you approach him and love him, he is vexed and proud. I can’t deny my feelings. I really don’t care when I’m not interested





and I don’t want to ignore you. You will face in your life who puts you on the top of attention no matter how busy he is and who leaves you in the Valley of ignorance no matter





how much his emptiness Getting used to ignoring and not caring for others and carrying their worries and problems and exaggerating the neglect is the top of attention,






the lack of blame and lack of interest while not paying attention to what the person is doing for you is the beginning of hatred at its finest.






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