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* Excessive reproach and excessive attention corrupts relationships sometimes.
* The biggest mistake is to give out your time and your happiness and your life and from your comfort attention to those who do not care about you.






* There is someone who makes you talk to him with the beauty of life his words contain his smile and his medicine and the threshold please it is only worthy of attention and sacrifice and reproach and seek excuses.






* Caring and blaming the ones you love imposing as much as you can get it like the bouquet of roses you could give it to one person or distribute all the roses to whoever you want to receive attention from everyone






My love i don’t find from me except the interest and I didn’t find from you without a fight and blaming over the limit in everything I do and there was no love between us you want to stay, you want to leave. Your love is dead and you have no place in my heart





* I apologize to myself for caring and blaming those who deserve no attention or reproach.





* Our loved ones we were we miss for our closeness and in fact we do not see you caring about our hearts or our feelings towards you and we see from you only words that fly the birds of prey.





* Reproach and attention to the ones you love is the arrow to reach which is the easiest and surest ways of what you want to reach the heart of the loved ones.





* We all have feelings and emotions, but there are people who can play with it and another that is good to take care of.






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