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Blame Quotes

Letters and words about blame and reproach and ignorance and lack of interest and we must make sure that in the law of love a drop of disregard is invalidated by a sea of interest.












* I do not deliberately ignore but some are not worth the attention.






* The most despicable three things following the attention of the big, heavy and ignored style.






* I don’t care when I practice ignoring some and I vow to be attentive to those who deserve.






* When someone deliberately ignores you and strives to convey this disregard to you, I know that this ignorance is the strongest kind of attention.






* When a person blames and blames, this is a proof of love and respect. Trust is completely what blames and admonishes only those of you who have a big place in his heart and appreciate you and I know that a person who has no love in a human being can only ignore him and not care about his existence and do it.





















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