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Blame the woman

Words about blaming the friends and the people and not caring about their negative words so the bad people and the hurting are the ignorance and not caring about it is the best way for happiness 






and comfort in life and you can express this feeling the most beautiful words to blame for not caring and ignoring the people around you often






And let us all know that moving away doesn’t understand the lack of love or lack of interest or forgetting the move away and abandonment is the best solution






and if it was painful the top of love is to abandon who you love because you love it and most of those who do this woman for the intensity of passion and





 love then and to learn about women she may forgive you cruelty and injustice Reproach and not caring about it really because





the common interest is more important than love attention the origin of love and in the absence of attention love disappears because





love is based on caring and care and the sickness of separation and distance and abandonment by switching from surrender





then to try to coexist then for lack of attention and will not be left other than the remnants of involuntary love Hiding in the heart,






they also go in the darkness of parting and enter into a lack of desire for knowledge, but I tell you here that the lack of reproach for those who love is the reason to blame and reconcile before it is too late.




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