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Thoughts blame and blame for ignoring and not caring you should send the strongest words to ignore the way of pride or self-esteem and here we give you thoughts and words about reproach and blame for not caring and ignoring and revealing the feelings that you feel from here and now to those you love.










* If he knows what’s in his heart for him and if he knows his name is all my life as a secret number for all my things and my heart







* If he knows that grief comes from ignoring what this was his reaction to.

* A little bit of ignorance and lack of blame and reproach is good for what has ruined a lot of attention.







* Don’t hurt yourself with a lot of interest in blaming your lover for some disregard, it restores your heart and mind to its natural activity.







* I know very well that the strongest types of attention show intentional disregard.

* The ball and anger that lead to vengeance may be only a kind of concern






* Your lover may rejoice by ignoring him, but you have to know that ignorance kills his enemy and relaxes her.






* Learn to reduce blame and reproach so many things around you don’t deserve attention.

* If you ask for attention, you will only gain further disregard.





* I can’t deny my feelings I really don’t care when I’m not interested and I don’t like ignoring and I want you.

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