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Breaking up and saying goodbye.

I’m going to say goodbye to my papers now, and I will not mention you yet, and forgive me for the farewell of the papers. It is that weapon that I have ever killed and I am smiling. What am I going to say?






And how I threw my pen about these blank papers and I know that the dictionaries of language will not express what is sweeping my heart now… I wish I wasn’t standing there to stay away from you.






I hope that the hours of fate are here and I am writing your goodbyes and why not There are those who describe one kiss with hundreds of pages when I Don’t describe your goodbyes thousands thoughts and with hundreds of tears






Who’s going to stop me from writing? Who can prevent my feelings from gonorrhea on the heart of my papers? It’s all I have a few feelings and a few words. I was created to be yours, and I was created to leave you one day.






I don’t know how I lived, maybe because you killed me slowly. I didn’t feel like dying, but I smiled at you because you hated tears. I kissed you two or more, you love kissing. It is the key to the love that ignited my heart as we are young.






Now I grew up and I was absent until your eyes forest me. That day of your happiness, and the day of my death, who made you dream of me on a dreamy night, waking up and ending the dream.






I wrote you poetry from that day I will communicate with you and if I describe my case and express my misery the pen always steals from you and prevents me from writing our memories together so we had happy memories that I never mentioned!!






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