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China Snow City Photos

Harbin is a city in northeast China, the capital of Heilongjiang province, located on the south bank of the Songhua River, the city is classified as the tenth largest city in China, and has significant political, economic, scientific, and cultural significance for the Northeast region of China, and in general the The city is divided into eight main regions, three provincial towns and seven counties.

The city is called Harbin in Manchu, where the name means a place for dry fishing nets, as the city is nicknamed the Pearl in the neck of the swan because of the shape of the Hlonghagiangh province, called Moscow East or Paris east because of the large urbanization in the city, in addition called Snow City because of the length of the number Winter days.

The city is ready for the launch date of the New Year’s World festivity 2019 the city is built of snow and ice only and the style of ancient Chinese architecture. The city has the largest statue of ice for the Santa Fe, 160 meters high. This snowy city is expected to visit nearly a million visitors at the opening of the festival, how beautiful we are to spend the beginning of the new year in this charming city where we feel we are in the City of Dreams and beauty and with modern technological developments and Chinese services of workers there we will find all Pleasure and comfort and there are a lot of surprises waiting for all of the children, youth, girls, women and men


























































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