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City of Constantine Pictures

Constantine Pearl timeless entering the third millennium of the birth of the dress and the name of the “big city” Everything is encouraged, the addition to the historical richness of its people, who are classified as national heritage and in 1992, the geographical cryptographic unique city in the world continues to make her dream ..





Occupies the city naturally distinct site in the east of Algeria, with a hot climate and dry summers, cool and rainy in winter and from the major cities of Algeria area and population, is among the leading cities, given the history of civilization, it is a science city and culture where he graduated nobles of the nation’s scientists, including scholar Ibn Badis.

The old city is characterized by being built on the rock of harsh granite, giving it a unique sight is impossible that there are like him in the world






Bridges Constantine

It included the city’s eight bridges constructed across the ages to cross from the West to other linking my rock ancient city crash, some of the lack of repair, and some of them are still struggling with the time and since then, the name of the city, “the city of suspension bridges.”

Valley sand passes over the old city of Constantine and topped with bridges at altitudes of 200 meters:

These suspension bridges frequented by tourists from around the Earth to the aesthetic landscape that is hard to describe an accurate description and equitable.






And from the city at all:

Emir Abdelkader mosque and Islamic Science University

The largest mosque in Algeria and is one of the largest mosques in North Africa, is located in the heart of the city is characterized by its high minarets, which reaches an elevation of each one 107 meters and height of the dome 64 meters and also includes the University of Islamic Sciences, and is an Algerian rare masterpiece along the lines of the major mosques in the Muslim world , dazzle appearance magnificent architectural Bength the esteemed human hand in the present era.

Emir Abd elkader mosque together with any university of the verses of the Islamic architecture






Yasukuni Massinissa

Massinissa Almasilimn is considered the most important kings of the State of Numidia Amazigh and of the heroes of the resistance Amazigh who worked on the unification of the kingdoms of the Amazigh in preparation for next resistance to Roman occupation to North Africa

Massinissa died about 148 BC around me and there his grave to this day in the city of carob outskirts of Constantine.






Lifestyles in algeria


There are many differences about Algeria between life style of the past and the first one in the present and how it will be in the future.We will talk about all that in these principle sides:










Grain, milk, meat, eggs…etc. people were eating them directly; in addition there were many traditional meals for example in Algeria: couscous, mahjouba, barcoukch.

After the modern evolution there are many others like: spaghetti, pizza, sweets ,hamburger, chips,…etc

According to the industrial evolution there will appear fast food and will be the most consumed food






There was a shortage in the modes of entertainment ex: hunting, chess,


Now there are many kinds of entertainment: TV, radio, internet,






Video games, computer…etc

According to the digital revolution the scientist will discover and produce other high tech for example for video games the next generation of games will be more realist and as examples of platforms of these games : play station 3 & Xbox 360.







01- It was the invention of the telephone that which has made communications rapider and nearer.

02- It was the invention of the radio which has made media at hand of every one.

03- It was the invention of the spaceships which have made distances shorter and nearer.

04- It was the invention of the computers and robots which have made works at factories more active and effective.

05- It was the invention of the scanner which has made the diseases known by people and doctors.






Clothing and traditional costumes

Uniform Algerian us back to the parties and soirees where to put me n and women pompous clothes, in Algeria outfit Women in particular lists through its fabric, woven and styles of the customs and traditions of Algeria, from east to west, from north to south known fashion the same historical stages that defined the country as sheds light on the factors affected by the Romanian foreign or Phoenician or Arab, Andalusian, French, or Ottoman. Kaftan clothing is the most famous Algerian women and Algerian mantle of different types of men

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