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Coffee Love Pictures

  • Coffee is a symbol of hospitality, a symbol of generosity, a symbol of respect, a symbol of appreciation for the guests of the Arabs, especially the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, and the Mesopotamia, the first to be served for the guest coffee, and why not, the Arabic coffee is a title for authenticity and generosity, as the Arab is generous in its solution It’s a symbol of bravery and chivalry.  
  • Coffee names: Arabic coffee has been named and this shows its importance and names: Bedouin coffee, coffee gentlemen, coffee time, peace key, start talking, coffee, coffee, wild (a kind of good Yemeni coffee), and the Cook (I disagree with the reason for naming Some of them say that they are relative to a kind of good Yemeni coffee and some of them say that they are relative to the age of Shazly, the first to drink coffee, and it is said to be the name.
  • Preparing and dealing with coffee, usually a Bedouin Arab with a respect that reaches the limit of its commitment and not to exceed it, has laws, have regulations, have rituals, may not be known to be overridden, or rebellion against them, but must respect them, and stick to them Arabic coffee has a special meaning at the Bedouin, occupies a prominent place in The councils as a symbol of generosity and hospitality, they are present in all situations and occasions
  • Coffee has a lot of respect for Arabs from the Bedouin and the Gulf and Saudis in particular, and coffee has tribal habits that are known between people and all tribes, you should pour the coffee to the guests standing and hold it in your left hand and serve the cup with the right hand and never sit Until all the attendees end up drinking coffee, and sometimes it is advisable to add another cup to the guest if he has finished drinking, fearing that he may have been ashamed to ask for more, and this is very generous in the people of Al Badia, when pouring coffee and offer to the guests must start from the right pursuant to the Holy Year, or start The guest directly if he is old and it is known that you pour coffee until the guest says enough and he expresses it by saying, “either” or “enough” or “enough,” or shake a cup of coffee.







































































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