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Children breathe Fresh, rainy clouds and fragrant scent. Phrases about childhood is a white page, a Serenity life, a gap with a name, a pure heart, and a spirit of innocence. A velvet world, adorned with hearts like pearls, and lavish spirits of purity.









A tree of purity and lush shadows, and spontaneous twigs bear the fruits of acceptance and pleasure. Spring and blossom, and jasmine wreaths occupy a good life and be their adornment. A dream story, a poem of Hope, a sweetness of thoughts.






Life of the soul, the spirit of life. Fresh breaths, rain clouds and fragrant scent. Hurry excuse me my dereliction Naughty and crazy she throws her shy, innocent and she wishes if the world possessed her…






When he hurt weak and did not cry orphan nor colonized any town. If I grow up I will tell her to throw him rain drops. If the moon increases its resistance And with a little kiss she got out of her night and left for sleep Escaped from the suffering and had mercy on me of mute emotion and hollow words.





I want love, I don’t want love and I don’t want a gram. From here I am cheering that I am a little girl, have mercy on my innocent dreams of the female I live in. and throw a sleeve on me to live it. Don’t come near me, you see? From the seat of my heart and the king of my fortified fortress.























































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