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Drops Of Water Photos

Water is the secret of life for all creatures and why they continue, “and we made water everything alive” This is the saying of God who created water for all living organisms and made them the reason for their survival,






without water the plant dies and all the vital organs of the human body stop, which eventually leads to death,






and when we look at the body structure of mankind Irrigation is made up of 73% of the water as it is essential for the freshness of the skin,





the functioning of the various organs of the body and the composition of the blood, mostly water,





and the damage of low water drink low water percentage of the body begins to shrink and dry the hair and weaken the kidneys





and decrease the speed of circulation which exposes the human I’m very stressed. As the drought continues,





all vital jobs are disrupted and when we look at the composition of the Earth, we find it to consist of 70 per cent of the bodies of water and the rest is land,





which is almost the same as that of the human body, so what is this terrible harmony created by the creator of the universe, so it is advisable Doctors always need to drink two liters of water a day or more.




This is to maintain the level of performance of the body for various businesses and the world suffers from a shortage of freshwater resources due to the unjustified waste in





water consumption badly and decreasing water levels in freshwater rivers due to human interventions ,





some countries are exposed to serious strategic wars, including the threat of a reduction in the share of water,





such as Egypt’s suffering because of the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and therefore dialogues and meetings are held to try to stabilize Egypt’s share of the Nile water.


















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