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Eternal Love , 三生三世十里桃花

The Legend of Eternal Love. Today I lived captive.
For your eternal memory,
Chained to her strings,
They are imprisoned in their ruins.






My thinking machines have broken down and the waves of feeling have melted
To the extent that poetry diminished his sway in favor of music,
That pure sweet music.
That holds no melody but your melody.
And don’t be happy with any melody but your melodies.
And for the first time I discovered the magic of strings
It’s your memory charm.






Through the brilliant introduction of the string
For our most wonderful and beautiful common song.

I’ve been repeating the images over and over,
And every time I find nostalgia and warmth
And something mysterious is pulling me to you.
To the past.. To tenderness.. To sweetness..






To the dreamy romance…
Until I was tired and the frozen wounds bled
Since your bloody departure. And in the bleeding moments, I got an invitation.
For seaside Walks
Or the emancipation of your constraint which I do not know how to describe.
I laughed, but I went without a real desire.






With the hidden hope that I will forget you and run away from you.
I was disappointed but a sweet disappointment.
Because you were with me on that beach.
It was no one else with me. They were the illusion and the illusion
You were the truth and the rain.






And the strange thing is that you came back with me
And no one saw you but the eyes of my heart.
And yet it hurts.
And maybe that’s why it hurts.
Because he seems to me sometimes that you’re not with me.
I may have been hallucinating.







And I may now be in a strange situation.
Don’t let me do anything but rave.
It’s a situation I’ve been having since you left.
All my perceptions are disrupted
and went out of my research and reflections and my Poems,
And drowned in a tiny little focus,
Like a distant, sunken star.






In the Depths of Heaven and darkness of the universe,
I see nothing else.
and quickly take the breadth and stretch
Until the horizon is covered in front of me and behind me. This focus is you, sweetheart.
This is the biggest dilemma of my life.
It belongs to the dilemmas that are not cured,
Like some diseases that have no medicine,
There are painkillers that relieve pain.
Until the landlady throws his face.







Do I look like I’m pessimistic?! ..
No, I’m not.
Who knows you a day or an hour or a moment
This word escapes the dictionary of his life,
So how come he is connected to you
and chained to your world, your soul, your memories?! ..

I never believed you were gone.
Legends do not leave the human world.

And you are my immortal legend.

Now I want to be free of your handcuffs.
While my soul strongly wants to fly to you.






I want to be free of you to abide by you again?! ..
So why the trouble?!
And why was it originally left?!
Why don’t you stay next to me all the time? .

I’ve been wondering a lot,
But my whole life has become a question
And waiting and watching for something unknown.
I was in the past.
I think myself wise and philosopher
And I was cocky.
Because you were next to me.
You stand with me.
and pulling on my nerves and the bond of my dreams.
Today I am lonely and strange and on the verge of hope!

I immediately discovered the cause of my condition..
Today is the memory of a big love birthday
The universe has never been seen.
And instead of candles lit
The voices of tears have been silenced!! .

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