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Ginger and Health

Medicinal plants and herbs… How to use it and the most important ginger :-










“Ginger is specific to digestion, laxative to moderate softening, wholesome from the abdomen of the liver of the cold, moisture, and from the darkness of the sight of moisture and eyeliner, specific to intercourse, an analyst of the large winds that occurred in the intestines and stomach, which is a valid sentence for the liver and the stomach to souls the flavor of food, It is a gas repellent and is included in the installation of blood vessel enlargement medications, a thermal and dampening system, as well as in the synthesis of sexual enhancement recipes, and in the treatment of menstrual pain, Ginger is added to beverages to strengthen the stomach and digestive tract, half to one gram and added to the iron compounds To improve its taste, chew the armpits and cook with its cooking, and to be made into it, and add to the pigment of the teeth, including ginger syrup and ginger tincture of 20 to 35 points as a medicine for the stomach, ginger hot moist strengthens the hair, strengthens the stomach, and increases in conservation, not harmful, the best fragrance that is not decayed, eaten by it.

* This refreshing ginger syrup is a delightful, refreshing and tonic drink that drinks hot or cold.  


teaspoon ground ginger-a cup of sugar-three cups water-infusion of saffron as much as 1/4 teaspoon of saffron and soak from evening to morning in a quarter cup of water.

* Method:

Heat the amount of water (3 cups) to the boiling point, then pour boiling water over the previous ingredients in a glass vase such as tea and stir the sugar well, then cover for five minutes, then drain, and drink either iced after cooling and ice cubes or drink hot, drink after breakfast or after dinner







* Ginger Description:-

It is a plant that grows beneath the soil, which is streptococcus veins such as the veins of the Cyperus rotundus plant but it is stiffer and color either squirrel color or yellowish white and has a distinctive pungent odor known by it which is spicy taste, stinging, which is like potato tubers, and is not finely powdered until after drying, and abound cultivation in China, India, Pakistan and Jamaica plant The perennial grows in the tropics, the rhizomes (leg grows underground) is the used part, the yellow ginger blossoms with purple lips, and the leaves of a spear shape, and when the leaves are extracted the rhizomes from the ground, placed in the water until three, then peel and knead with powdered sugar and rancid of drugs , these are the drugs contained in the Pharmacopoeia, have therapeutic benefit, or are used for pharmaceutical purposes.

* Important notes before use.

Ginger weakens its efficacy after two years, because it is decayed to moisture and can be saved by placing it in black pepper.

The use of a new ginger should be taken into account, with the beautiful scent of its penetration and the luster of the light adjacent to the yellowish cyan, free of sticks and impurities if it is crushed.

* Ginger Ingredients:-

The ginger rhizomes contain the oils of the resins, the most important of which are ginkgo, starchy, jelly and ginger, with yellow flowers with purple lips and only extracts ginger when the leaves are withered.

The ginger rhizomes must be placed in the water for two nights and watered down so that the licorice does not conquer quickly.

To keep the ginger as long as possible, it is stored in uncovered areas with the thyme that is covered with it or placed with black pepper and the best Jamaican ginger species in Jamaica.

* Medicinal ginger nature:-it is spicy at the third crusty in the first post and has moisture that opens the skin and expels phlegm and rotten materials, and the substances (i.e. debilitating), dissolve the winds (expel them), strengthen the nerves, strengthens the immune system of the body to activate the glands, and strengthen the hormones and blood, which is Generally a tonic for the functions of a reinforced disinfectant heater.

Ginger contains resins (Gingerol) and hormonal substances, vitamins and starchy materials due to the distinctive taste of the presence of Gingerol and zingerone

* Types of ginger-Arabic ginger-ginger-Sham-Turkish ginger-Persian ginger-Indian ginger،In Arabic: ginger, In Persian: I realize،In English: Ginger،In French: Gingerbread

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