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Ginger Health Benefits

Scientists research about ginger and what has been tested of herbal recipes after mixing with ginger in terms of treating diseases, giving physical strength and treating weakness in men, increasing growth, height, strengthening of bones, etc. and we explain in the words and experiences of scientists about ginger :-














*said Dawud Al-antaki in ( (book ticket)) :-

Ginger is a sufficient Indian or Persian, and he grows his wide leaves on the floor and his branches are fine without noon or sowing seeds from the works of India, and this is coarse. The hitter, (and there is) of the Oman and the limbs of the trees, this is the red and mountains of the work of China, where the white is frequently the most acute contract of the people, called paws and this is the best of its kind.

A few-year-old Ginger loses its strength after two years of decay and erosion of its space moisture and preserves it from that pepper.

And it is hot at the third dry in the first post or the damp opens up the sputum, the viscosity and the rotten moisture generated in the stomach are removed from around the watermelon with its characteristic, and the wind and the cold of the viscera jaundice and the distillation of urine and the yield of the waste and become blurred.

* The victorious King Yusuf al-Turkmani said in his book :-

Ginger- “p ” is veins that apply to the ground and not to the trees and eaten moist, as the beans are eaten and used crusty, and should be chosen from it unless corroded and the strength of ginger a certain heater in digesting food, laxative to abdomen a good mild softening of the stomach, and the darkness of Sight, is located in the blends of putty and wholesale And the pepper is at the end of the third degree,-damp in the first wholesome the first of the keel in the liver of moisture and a certain cold on the intercourse, analyzer of the large winds in the stomach and intestines, plus in the semen fit for the stomach and liver cold increases in the preservation, and the moisture to bring the head and throat, and benefit from toxins Vermin, and if God took the honey some of his space moisture, and the phlegm comes out and the black time is easy and not on the way of taking out the laxatives, and if mixing in the thing with the moisture of the goat liver and dried and crushed and the use of the blur and the darkness of sight, and if chewing with a brain a lot of phlegm and ginger jam h The dry R agitates intercourse and increases in the stomach and body free (veined) The food is digested and dried (dried) phlegm, and it benefits from the pyramid (aging) and the predominantly sputum on the body and the ginger allowance: its weight and a half weight of elecampane “c ” ginger-like Pepper in his edition but he has no kindness and exposes him to the erosion of his space moisture, which is hot at the end of the It analyzes the bloating and increases in the preservation and the moisture of the throat and the head and the darkness of the eye eyeliner and drink, and benefit from the refund of the liver and stomach and dries (dries) to the stomach and irritates the pancreas, and benefit the toxins of the vermin, and as much as to be taken to two dirham, a hot dry jam that benefits the kidneys and For the fever that has a cold and  the power

* Ibn Sina experiences of ginger:-

Ginger :- “Ginger is a small asset such as Saad origins plant its color to whiteness tastes like pepper, but it has no pepper, and it is used in many things as we drink in some drinks and in cooking. To be said: (Verbs and properties): Its temperature is strong and it is not heated until after a long time because of the space humidity but a strong laxative analyze the bloating: And if God took the honey some space moisture and dries more of the head members) increases in the preservation and moisture of the head and throat (eye members), and the darkness of the eye For moisture and a drink (members of the food are digested, the liver and stomach is approved, and the stomach dries and what happens in it from eating fruits (members of the flick), the abdomen irritates the belly lightly softening.









* Khozi:-

It catches I say if there is a bad digestion and a sticky mixing is spent (toxins) benefit from vermin toxins.

* Son of a perspective in the Book of the Arab (SAN):-Ginger which grows in the Arab countries in the Land of Oman, which is the veins of the earth, eaten moist as the bread is eaten, uses the land and find what is brought from the country of China, and the people claimed that the wine is called ginger, and ginger shoulders the fruit, ginger the taste of the good tongue. And in the dear download in the Wine of Paradise: (her temper was ginger). And the Arabs describe ginger with goodness, and he is very happy with them.

* Verses on Ginger, the herbs said the taste of his beloved saliva:-

The cloves and ginger were warp in it

He said: It is permissible to have ginger in the wine of paradise!, and it is permissible to have a temper and not to be afflicted, and permissible to be the name of the eye from which this wine is taken.

* Verses about Ginger the son of the blue said:-O Hafiz S.

And who complains the old cold with his heart and pains all the time and the spark

He has two of his plates, boy.

The three-month-long, but it was a week.

Well, he stung his tongue, chewed the poison, painted the place of venom, painted natives.

See the wonder of the SS and the machine for sting and burning to bite

And who complains about the nerve is that if intercourse comes it is right but fast

Beats and boils in his milk and rubs the original in all of his

He sees the wonder of the power of the dead.

And the owner of the annoying beats him on the car of a third

And then he is half a whit and after the ginger

It treats the colon and the bulges on expelled and comes in brushing and repairing with this

And it works for the human being every once in a while healing him from all his sickness

And who got his position and only half his vision or a little vision

and mix it with cinnamomum and put sugar in the same quantity

It will heal and fill the inside of the eye after a membrane of whiteness and darkness

And it was the people of heartlessness slow heart to keep the dead man alive

Add to it the pebbles of softened melons added to the wings of a bee

He shall abstain from eating too much, and he shall take three days to eat a diet

He enters a bathroom with a week’s duration of three weeks with several supplements

The intelligent mind retains a Koranic lesson and a good recitation

Whosoever preserves the right life for you, the satisfaction of the Lord is given with all dignity

It has a soft face that changes after the redness of the stroke

He beats and boils in honey and milk, and he is watered for her

O Lord, pray to the sheikh Muhammad and greet him with a thousand greetings

* Poetry verses about Ginger Abdul Qadir ibn Shakroun said:

Alibis in pepper and heat in eating selected medicines

Strengthen cravings for food and strength for nerve objects

Ginger is similar in its edition, but surpasses it when it increases its usefulness

In the corner of the conservation and the dispatch of power for the giants of great ignorance

It is understood that ginger nourishes food objects, and appoints the conservation of science, and activates the body suffering, and strengthens the curse so that the drink of great ignorance, and this confirms that it rejoice and activate and give confidence in the soul, and opens the mind and refreshes the whole body.

* Poetry verses about ginger, said Amr al-Musayyib bin Alas: –

The taste of ginger was taste and wine

Some of them promised him in the stores, and the fact that Ginger was named in heaven

* The Carthaginian world: – The Arabs took advantage of the drink, which mixes ginger for the sweetness of smell, because the tongue, and digest the digestion, they wanted the bliss of the Hereafter. They thought the end of grace and kindness.

* Mujahid : – Ginger is the name of the eye, from which the mood of drink of the righteous.

* Qatada: – Ginger is the name of the eye, which drink close to the pure and mix with the rest of the people of Paradise,

* Alosi in the book “interpretation of the spirit of meanings”: – is an eye in the garden where there is a taste of ginger, it is the meaning of the drink mixed with ginger, meaning as in Ginger.

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