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Ginger To cure diseases

Ginger and the treatment of diseases that face the human at all times as it addresses cancer and strengthens the heart and strength and activates the mind and strengthens the memory and addresses Alzheimer’s and bone strength and we will give you medical methods to treat diseases:














To strengthen memory and to preserve and not forget:
It is taken from crushed ginger as much as 55 grams, from frankincense, sugar 50 grams, from black grain 50 grams, mixed together and kneaded in a kilo of honey, and taken from it a teaspoon of saliva daily with pine and raisins.

To treat headaches and migraines:
Pour the ground ginger into a teaspoon of olive oil, and place the pain in it. Drink the ginger, mint, and sorbet from each teaspoon of tea.

For night blindness treatment:
Drink a glass of carrot juice with half a teaspoon of crushed ginger, and toss gingerbread paste with honey on the eyes before bedtime.

* Dizziness and sea dizziness:

Make tablets of crushed ginger from crushed sugar, stir in 1: 1: 3 and dry in the shade and stir a disc when feeling dizzy or before traveling (the disc will be in the size of the crown).

* To strengthen the consideration:

Drink juice and carrots with a quarter teaspoon of crushed ginger Wash the eyes with boiling fennel in the morning.

* For the treatment of hoarseness and difficulty of speaking:

Garnish with ginger, mint and olive oil with 1: 1: 3 with boiling boiled anise, sweetened with sugar or sugar.

* To clear the throat and trachea:

The same is the previous method with chewing parsley and drinking the infusion of frankincense, honey and honey.

* For nervous tension:

Soak the lavender blossom as much as a teaspoon in half a cup of water. Die the evening for the morning, then drain and season with honey and add a quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger and drink when necessary.

* Insomnia and anxiety:

Beat a cup of hot milk with a quarter teaspoon of crushed ginger with fat body with olive oil and do not forget to read the Koran and reminded God: (… not by the memory of God reassured hearts).

* Mental numbness:

Drink a cup of boiled milk with a quarter teaspoon of crushed ginger and then eaten with raisins with pine nuts.

Fun and refreshing:
To strengthen fatigue and body and fight diseases and avoid debility and lethargy:
What I found to be a tonic for the body, like ginger, is honey, but if you eat jam with honey, pistachios and Alpinia officinarum, as David Antioch says in his memory: “There is a great secret in it.”

How to make Jam Heroes:
A quarter kilo of honey is taken on low heat to remove its loaf, and then add these herbs. It is grounded: 25 gm ginger, 25 gm rhubarb, 25 gm, 10 gm wild zest, 25 gm, 2 gm, 15 gm Limonium narbonensis

Then cook as a dessert (jam) and take a spoon after each eat.

For whiteness of eye and ways:
Ginger ground for about a quarter of a teaspoon in honey as little as a teaspoon, and pour in a droplet of eyes and before sleeping, dripping from it to the eyes.

For headaches:
Ginger beat a quarter of a teaspoon with half a tablespoon of broth flour after boiling well in a saucepan of half a glass of water, and then sprinkle with sugar and place the headache with ginger oil.

For the sister:
Pour the ground ginger in a teaspoonful of charcoal ashes, and add the place of the pain with ginger and mint.

To cure cough and expel phlegm.
It is taken from crushed ginger as much as 50 grams, from crushed frankincense in 50 grams, and in honey cane of 500 grams, and a teaspoon is taken after each meal.

For cleansing and strengthening the stomach:
25 grams of crushed ginger, 25 grams of crushed thyme, 25 grams of ground thyme, 25 grams of crushed mint, and one kilo of honey in a kiln, and a teaspoon of it is taken before eating.

For the nervous colon:
Mix 50 grams of crushed ginger with crushed cumin 50 grams on half a cup of water and a teaspoon of vinegar and drink it when you feel pain.

Laxative to treat constipation:
On a cup of cold milk add a quarter teaspoon of and drink when feeling constipated.

For heating the body and resistance to winter diseases:
Drink the ginger on the milk or drink with cinnamon with a little sesame, sweetened with sugar or honey.

For colds:
Drink the ginger after boiling and sweeten it with sugar and distill the oil of the pond in the nose and throat with the inhalation of lemon juice.

Of popular descent:
Drink ginger with honey and chew half a teaspoon of morning and evening.

For asthma and asthma:
He chews the milk and swallows his bowl, then drinks the ginger with the pebbles, morning and evening.

To lighten the kidney and liver:
This compound is made of crushed ginger as much as 25 grams of laurel leaf 35 grams and grinds, 50 grams of grated grain, and a fine powder, and in a kilo of honey, cook it and take a small spoon after each.

To prevent thirst and repair of the tibia :-
Ginger is eaten cooked with fish like a cumin to him with cumin and drunk as a rose water, so that a little ginger is mixed with water and sweetened with sugar.

For liver weakness and laziness:
Mix the ginger mixed with honey and cane with sesame paste and eat on breakfast and dinner every day with a blush on the right side of the green mint cone from the evening to the morning.

For insect capacity:
Take a teaspoon of ground ginger and chew until it becomes a paste then placed on the place of the sting.

To stiffen joints and paragraphs:
Ginger is taken as a cup, and the most powerful (gum, gum, thyme, gold) is as much as a cup, and kneads together, and complements it to the place of hardening from the evening to the morning.

For blindness and blindness:
Take the liver of goats immediately after slaughter and put on the ground ginger and leave for a quarter of an hour, and then scrape and dry the ginger until it completely dry and dissolved from the eye daily until healing, God willing.

To strengthen the heart and stimulate blood circulation and dissolving cholesterol:
It is taken from the ground ginger 25 grams, from the garden cress 25, from the anise 25 grams, and from the grain of the pond 25 grams grinds everyone and kneads in the honey of honey as much as half a kilo and take a spoon after each eat.

To strengthen muscles and nerves:
Make a combination of the following herbs: Grilled – Chinese – Roand – Shamar – Bahman – mint – Seed celery every 10 grams, knead a whole bunch of foam-free honey a kilo and cook until it becomes jam, fill in glass jars and take a teaspoon After all eat.

To treat nervous tension:
Take a teaspoon filled with lukewarm water and get a teaspoon of crushed ginger with a cup of water or water or rose water and turn it well, and then your legs to a third of the leg and sit on your back and you relax the body and busy your tongue in the remembrance of God and you will see the wonders of calm and full comfort,

To treat fatigue:
Drink a cup of ginger, boiled as tea (1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 cup hot water, sweetened with honey or sugar, and then massage the whole body with olive oil mixed with a large amount of vinegar and shake the bottle thoroughly before use.

For reproductive strength, vitality and activity:
Take half a pound of cow’s milk or buffalo and boil in it a small half of crushed ginger and sweetened with honey or sugar and drink morning and evening for a month and you will see!

Compound ginger paste to strengthen the stomach:
50 g crushed ginger, 55 g grated carrot seed, 50 g crushed celery seed, 50 gm crushed rice and 50 g sesame seeds. Mix well in a kilo of honey. Take 1 tsp after lunch daily.

For activity and stimulate reproductive energy:
Take about half a teaspoon of ginger and stir in a cup of milk and heat it, then drain and season with honey bees and drink when needed after the dinner.

To treat facial zero:
Take a teaspoon of ginger and boil in milk, then honey bees and drink morning and evening with facial fat olive oil before bedtime.

Heart strengthening:
Make a paste made up of honey as much as a kilo. Cook it with ground ginger, as much as 50 grams, with cloves of 25 grams, ground mint

25 grams, and crushed peanuts 10 grams and stir well until the dessert is held, and packed in a glass container, and take a spoon after each meal, taking into account avoid grease and hard work and nervous.

To warm the body:
Mix a teaspoon of crushed ginger in a cup of honey and put in bread and eat a chunk and a sandwich on the breakfast or when you feel cold.

Drink a cup of milk with half a teaspoon of ground ginger, seasoned with honey in the morning and evening, with a distillation of the oil of the broth in the nose.

Drink orange juice with a quarter teaspoon of crushed ginger with a chest and back massage before sleeping with pomegranate oil.

For rheumatism:
Cream and Shrimp Ginger paste with honey 1: 3 before bedtime with a drink of fennel as tea.

For women’s sweat:
Drink ginger every day as much as 7 cups drops of pomegranate juice with a strong heel massage with ginger and olive oil before sleeping.

For gout and increase uric acid salts in the blood:
Same as the previous recipe with the drink of corn and fennel seeds ginger on the stomach and drink lemonade heavily with massage place pain with ginger and olive oil before bedtime.

The paste of wisdom and strength

The paste strengthens the body, treats forgetfulness, opens the mind’s brain, and rejuvenates the soul and refreshes it.

100 g grilled ginger + 100 g pistachio + 50 g molten mullet + 50 g grilled black bean + honey.

Cook the bees honey on low heat and take off the foam, then add the previous things and fluctuate well to complicate dessert, and packaged in glass jars, and eat a spoon after breakfast, and spoon after dinner daily and you will see, God willing, wonderful.

For pressure treatment:
To adjust the pressure down or rise, drink the ginger in a nutshell honey bees in the morning after breakfast, and in the evening swallowing a piece of garlic cloves with milk.

To lighten the brain and brain purification:
Chewing gum and diced with ginger every morning and evening Daily distillation of bitter oil (passed with olive oil mixed and filtered) Nose in the nose drop in each opening only once a day.

To expand blood vessels:
Gingerbread is made with mustard seed from every 25 grams grated in half a kilo of honey and taken one teaspoon after dinner daily with body fat with olive oil.

For colic caused by diarrhea:
Take half a teaspoon of crushed ginger and mix in a boiling cup of the pond, then drain, season and drink.

To treat debility, tiredness and fatigue:
Place a cup of crushed ginger on the surface of lukewarm water and leave for ten minutes, then put your feet up to the middle of the leg and relax completely sitting on a low seat or bed for a quarter of an hour, then wash your feet with water, and then dried.

Take 1 ounce of ground ginger, 1 ounce of crushed fennel and 0.5 oz of cornstarch. Take one teaspoon of hot water over a cup of hot water, cover and leave for 5 minutes, then drain, season and beat in the morning and evening.

Refreshing the heart:
Drink as a tea or mix in milk and drink daily on the stomach.

To open the appetite:
A quarter of an hour before boiling, mix half a teaspoon of crushed ginger in a glass of water and drink as much sugar as you can.

To treat indigestion:
Make ginger jam with mint by cooking half a kilo of honey and remove the loaf, add 50 grams of ginger and 25 grams of crushed mint, and take one teaspoon after each meal.

For jaundice:
It is taken from sesame seeds 25 grams, and 25 grams of ginger, and the sap (bitter), which is dried as mint 55 grams and grind well and knead in a kilo of honey bee, and take a teaspoon after each eat with a teaspoon drink before bed.

For slackness and weakness:
Put your feet in a hot water bath, sprinkled with ginger, grated as much as a tablespoon with the body fat in henna oil. (Hanna mixed with olive oil, drink a cup of milk boiled in half a teaspoon of crushed ginger.

For toxins:
She chews on the lemon juice and swallows it and then drinks ginger, beaten in honey, in ice water, as much as a cup, in the morning and evening, swallowing a piece of chopped garlic before sleeping with a milk cup.

The compound of the youth force

25 grams ginger-25 grams tongue bull (girls)-25 grams white pepper-25 grams anisum -100 grams almonds-100  grams hazelnut-50 grams pistachio-25 grams grated coconut (ground and soft)-25 grams pine nuts-10 grams Piper longum-10 grams green bean, grinds all and knead in a honey skimmed : In the course of boiling, it is removed and packed in a glass jar, and a teaspoon is taken after breakfast and after dinner with the caution of using this compound for young and unmarried

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