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Ginger, winter and physical strength

To warm the body and resist winter diseases: Drink ginger on milk or drink with cinnamon with a little sesame sweetened with sugar or honey.









For the cold: Drink the ginger after boiling and sweeten it with sugar and distill the oil of the pond in the nose and throat with inhaling lemon juice.

For popular descent: Drink ginger with honey and chew half a teaspoon of morning and evening.

For narrowness of breath and asthma: chew the milk and swallow the salad, then drink the boiled ginger with the gravel ring, morning and evening.

To make the kidneys and liver lighter: This compound is made of crushed ginger as much as 25 grams of laurel leaves 35 grams and grinds, 50 grams of grated grain and grind, and in a kilo of honey, cook that and take a small spoon after each meal.

To prevent thirst and repair of the grapefruit : Ginger is eaten cooked with fish like a cumin to him with cumin and drink as a drink of roses iced and so a few drops of ginger in water and sweetened with sugar.

For liver weakness and laziness: Mix the ginger mixed in honey cane with sesame paste and eat on breakfast and dinner daily with a blot on the right side of the green mint cone from the evening to the morning.

For the capacity Insect: Take a teaspoon of ground ginger and chew until it becomes a paste and then placed on the place of sting.

To harden the joints and paragraphs: ginger is taken as a cup, and the most difficult (the gum of the Kalk – gum Tharthot – for gold) as much as a cup and knead together and to keep the place of hardening from the evening to the morning.

For blindness and blindness: take the liver of goats immediately after slaughter and put on the ground ginger and leave for a quarter of an hour, and then scrape and dry the ginger until it completely dry and dissolved from the eye daily until healing, God willing. To strengthen the heart and activate the blood circulation and dissolving cholesterol: taken from the ground ginger And 25 grams of raspberries and 25 grams of anise 25 grams of grain 25 grams grinds everyone and kneads in the honey of honey as much as half a kilo and take a spoon after each eat.

To strengthen the muscles and nerves: Make a compound of the following herbs are grilled: ginger








– Chinese house – Roand – Shamar – Bahman – Mint – sowing celery of every 10 grams, knead all this in a foam-free honey a kilo and cooked to become a jam, and packaged in The glass bowl is taken a teaspoon after each eat.

To treat nervous tension: Take a bowl filled with with lukewarm water, where a teaspoon of crushed ginger with a cup of water or water or rose water and turn it well, and then your legs to a third of the leg and lying on your back and you relax the body and busy your tongue in the remembrance of God and you will see the wonders of calm and complete rest, .

To treat fatigue: Drink a cup of ginger, boiled as tea (estimated half a teaspoon of crushed ginger on a cup of hot water sweetened with beeswax or sugar and then massage the whole body with olive oil mixed with a size of vinegar and shake the bottle well before use.

For the reproductive strength, vitality and activity: Take half a pound of cow’s milk or buffalo and boil in it a small half of crushed ginger and sweetened with honey or sugar and drink morning and evening for a month and you will see!

Compound ginger paste to fortify the pest: 50 grams of grounded ginger, 55 g of crushed carrot seed, 50 g of ground celery seed, 50 g of crushed rice and 50 g of crushed watercress. Mix well in a kilo of honey and take a teaspoon after lunch daily.

For activity and stimulate reproductive energy: Take half a teaspoon (about) of ginger and stir in a cup of milk and heat it, and then filtered and sweetened with honey bees and drink when needed after a good dinner.

To treat zero facial: take a teaspoon of ginger and boiled in milk, and then honey bees and drink morning and evening with facial fat olive oil before sleep.

Heart fortification: Makes a paste consisting of honey as much as a kilo. Cook it with ground ginger, as much as 50 grams with clove, 25 grams, ground mint

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