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Happy Mothers Day Images

The mother’s Holy candle illuminates the night of life humbly paper and usefulness. Mother’s treasure is missing for the owners of the disobedience, and treasure exists for the people of righteousness and friendliness. The silent prayers of the mother cannot leave her way to the fountain of goodness.






The mother remains the same, in her life and after her death, and in her small and large, it is a fragrance that smells, and a scent that transcends, and blossom smelling children, sparkling jewellery in the faces of fathers, warmth and tenderness, beauty and safety,




love and affection, compassion and a thousand, Marvel and school, personality with values and principles, and high All I, and all I want to be, owes my mother. My mother, honest saying, dug his words on my exhale.





Live your past, your parents, and the first mother with honor and benevolence. The mother is the true educator of those young generations. When I bow to kiss your hands, pour my weak tears over your chest, and beg for the satisfaction of your eyes, then just feel my manhood is complete.




My mother was an amazing woman, she had everything in the land of goodness, yes all the land of goodness.





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