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Herbal medicine and medicinal plants industry

Manufacture herbs and medicinal plants at home for you and your family and at any time with the simplest ingredients and explain the ingredients from each herb and plant correctly according to the quantity specified in the recipe beside if you have a recipe and written in it amounts you cant define it here in this topic we may benefit you in determining the amount and start :-











Age of medicinal Herbs:
We collect the herbs to be harvested and without doubt must be very fresh or just cut and we work to chop them in the ways available to us and squeeze by hand or in the machine of special era so knowing now available in the markets machines for the age and in which refineries, and then saves the juice or the conclusion in sealed glass pots and Put in the refrigerator and the shelf life of this juice within seven days, and do the operation as close to the harvest of the herb.

Preparation of herbal tincture and medicinal plants:
In a very small way, put in glass bottles and add a suitable amount of alcohol, preferably white, and close the bottles tightly at a temperature suitable for a period of one to two weeks with the permanent man of the drawers from time to time to blend the mixture well and be age Default for this dye around the year

* Preparation of herbal teas and medicinal plants:
There are several ways to prepare tea from herbs and medicinal plants, including:







1-Boiling Method:
This method is usually used to prepare tea from the roots, for example, not exclusively, the roots of ginger, the roots of the caraway, the roots of the Khozi, the roots of violets, and seeds such as anise seeds, caraway, fenugreek, cumin, linen, peels, and bark such as oak peel, willow, Eucalyptus, Prince of Paris , the roots, seeds, or bark are placed after being cleaned of the dust stuck in it and placed in a boiling pot and put an appropriate amount of water and boil approximately within 10-20 minutes to be tolerant to the active substances in it, and drink cold or hot in small quantities at intervals.

2. Emulsion method:
Put The herbs to be emulsified are put in in a vase made of pottery and then add a suitable amount of boiling water, cover the pot and then leave for a minimum of ten minutes and usually this method fits the general flowers which of its qualities that its oils fast evaporation when boiling with water, and this is the safest way to get a percentage Large active substances in the emulsion, then drain and drink locally or without depending on how the user wishes.

3-Soak Method:
Soak herbs to be soaked for twenty-four hours before using an example of a municipal leaf used for kidney stones, this is a method suited to solid roots such as licorice roots, and the leaf of Senna Leaf which is used to treat chronic constipation.

4-herbal syrup and medicinal plants:
Drinks are made from herbs and medicinal plants by the age and blended with sugar or honey and boil the juice until its strength thickens.

5-herbal honey and medicinal plants:
Honey is usually added twice the herb juice or medicinal plant and boils for several minutes lifting the pot, and placed in glass bottles.






6-Herbal oils and medicinal plants:
The medicinal oils are made by boiling herbs with any pregnant oil (olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil, flax oil) and soak in the sun for 24 hours and stir the mixture every period, or the mixture to mix completely

7-Herbal ointments and medicinal plants:
The ointment is usually prepared by boiling the herbal juicer with the center of the basal (Vaseline, lanolin), or municipal obesity until the amount of water is reduced to the lowest ratio of 8-herbal powder and medicinal plants:
It is prepared by the use of stone or clay grass, or crushed by the electric mixers available today, and uses a mixture with honey by 10:1, or packed in rivets 250 ml, 500 ml






* Baths and herbal compresses and medicinal plants:

1-Partial Bath: It is a washing the part to work a bath whether hand, foot, eye and according to the recommendations of the competent herbal physician

2-Bath chair: Sit in a boiled or emulsion herb after warm water temperature

3-Kidney Bath: It is to dive the whole body plus herbal or boiled dye

4. Herbal fumigation and medicinal plants:

This method is used to treat sore throat and tonsils, hoarseness, colds, sore throat, face, and this method exposes the affected area to the vapor rising from the boiling of the herb, and these days are devices to put the herb in it, or its oil as in mint oil, or chamomile

5-inhalation of the burning herbs and medicinal plants:

Burn the herb on charcoal that is used to burn incense and inhale the patient smoke, repeat the process three times, especially in cases of cold and before sleep

6-Soft and juicy herbal rolls and medicinal plants:

This method performs rolls of soft leaves on the affected part, as in the violet leaf, which is used for the eye beggar, cough, and the leaves of the serious ears, and this method is used in places of availability of the juicy herb

7-Herbal bags and medicinal plants:

Put the herbs, or flowers in a small bag and dive for a short time and then put on the place of pain after the afternoon and put the hot water bladders, or expose the bag of herbs to heat source or increased vapor instead of immersion in water

8- Takmeed E Dawai HOT Medicated Fomentation (Ficus) with herbs and medicinal plants:

Boil the herb or medicinal plant then dive a small towel in the boiled and placed on the affected part as in the ginger squirt






* Here we offer you some weights and pints in herbal medicine:-

The Pill = The Pill is one sixth of the dirham price or 48/1
The Pill = A sixth of the amount of the dirham = 066, gram
Hummus = amount of chickpeas, quarter of the dirham dans = 53,. Grams, one sixth of the Dirham
Star = 636,. Grams
Dirham = amount of 3, 18 grams
Rite = 053,. Grams
TASOG = 106,. Grams
whit = Dirham and three clubs of Dirham
Anolosat = 636,. gram
Oz = 25, 5 grams
Drachmi = 4, 24 grams
lbs = 128 grams
From = 510 grams
carat = 1647,. gram
hundredweights = 1200 oz
Snuff = 2 DHS and 6 clubs
tablespoon = 4 whit
teaspoon = whit
Scroll = six Asateer
teaspoon = (amount of coffee spoon) 5 grams
tablespoon = (tablespoon eat) 10 grams
cup = equivalent of a cup of tea
cup = equivalent to 1/4 liter water
Herb Grip = 5 teaspoons

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