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I Love You Always Forever

Your wonderful lips, my love.
I’ve heard so much about booze and honey,
They said about the first thing that looks like candy.











Delicious taste,
And they said about the second it’s a kind of bird
Yummy Meat,
But believe me.






I’ve never seen them in my life.
Only when I saw your lips.






Oh, God.
What booze and honey and their analogues
At your lips?! ..
If you prepare the wine and honey
On a plate of gold
What I looked at them,
In your chunky lips.
which tempt me.







It’s a thousand times their concern.
What do I do with them?
And your lips are sweeter than them a thousand times?! .






Your mouth is sweeter than dessert and delicious.
And the sides of your lips
Two stitches in two cranked cheeks.
and your upper lip
A swimming cranny in the Honey River.






But your lower lip
Full of tenderness, tenderness and honey,
They are thinner than the same tenderness.
and tastier than the pleasure itself,
And more delicious than all the belongings of the world.






Excuse me..
I shouldn’t be following.
So talk about your lips
We should keep a secret between us.
And in whispers between our lips.





I’m afraid
To look at what you wrote
Some of our virgins
And they die of oppression.
How about what I did’n t write
Except on my page your lips
And I didn’t wipe it off my lip?! ..






Their remains are still the same as the impact on them.
Their lines are engraved in them.

And finally..
Accept my greetings
And my warm kisses.

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