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I love you, sweetie

I’m waiting for you, sweetheart.I wear with you a thousand times a day.
To the time of the innocent childhood,
Play with you and be in your hands.










And go with you on a herbal trip,
Pink Dreams,
We dream together with a tender and meek future,






And we live another reality
There are no monsters, wolves, bats.
But you and I are living the reality of innocence and childhood
And the buzz-Net love.






We, my child, do not know how to flatter and hypocrisy.
And we can’t wear fake masks.
Like some human wolves do,






Because we were born you and me from the womb of pure love,
And we’re still as old as the stars in the sky.
Every evening.






Your reality is different, no matter how painful it is.
And the For me is a source of happiness
and comfort, satisfaction and contentment.






Your future I see the present
And the time is removed from his skin
He loses his identity.
and become subject to a sign from my heart
Hanging with your heart’s trees.











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