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I miss you

Thoughts from the Heart I found you in my sleep, so I preferred to stay asleep and find you in my wake, so I didn’t like to snooze, and I found you next to me.






You who look at me with no expression or explanation do you have an explanation for what is going through my mind do you love me or do you like me and answer me why all this mystery that hangs over you,






leave yourself to the emotions and don’t care about my reaction. Just say it loudly. Let the night hear what my ears are.






I found you to stretch the gaze and follow me wherever I go. Why do you keep your eyes out whenever you find my eyes or be ashamed of me and since when do men feel ashamed to be the one who starts, I won’t be the one to start.






Fry my cheeks whenever I hear you hear and wander the imagination scattered thoughts between reality and the imagination that misses your vision and you about me far and ashamed to meet you and you from me soon.






She said, “How much I miss you, Persian.”

He said: I miss you, but I’m afraid of you. Knight on his unbridled horse






I said, “Come on, let go of your horse.” And don’t care about my pains. Just give me all you can. I’ve been in my imagination for a long time.






I miss you so much, baby.
I am looking for you in all the corridors and in the eyes of humans and I do not find you because you are






not like anyone you are as you are a pearl intact in its niche you’re as high as you are. It’s hard to reach you.
My greeting for you and for learning how much I miss you





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