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Ignoring in love

Was it stupid of me when you wanted to take care of me and blame who I love to be surprised by those cold feelings that don’t fit a female like me you should know, man, that attention tells lives with sensation and neglect and thirst and here  





I send you some words and phrases to blame for not caring and ignoring neglect and forgetting and anything Related to blaming for what they like these





feelings here we offer help with the prettiest and nicest words about blaming who you love for not caring and ignoring you and your feelings





* attention to the finer details in the life of the loved ones make you a happy person, but may disturb the other side.





* You are not worthy of attention you leave me amidst a pile of sadness if you can’t draw my joy near you. My eyes are not ashamed of the tears of joy in your distance.





* He never took care of cruelty, you hurt me in a way that bothers me, but I tell you, a day will come when you feel your mistake, and you know I loved you, and I don’t repeat fault back to you.





* Most of the time we encounter beautiful stations but don’t pay attention to always say there are the nicest take chances may not come again.





* Love is like rain if the clouds of interest and reproach with love on mistakes lived the oases of the heart and if you say the clouds of interest died the oases of the heart.






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