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Images of women’s lives

My future wife: I’m just like you, honey. Believe me, I suffer the pain of parting and longing to win one day to be in your life, do not despair of God’s mercy and pray to God to bring us together with halal, all these words come from the depths of my heart, never forget them and make them a role model in your life, here you have seen And you have tried for yourself how much we are envied for loving each other, how our enemies are doing the impossible to separate us from each other, but I will do my best to be alone someday, you Are my soul, and I cannot live without you, so don’t lose hope, my dearest wish, and always make sure that I will someday be your husband in halal and that of course It would be the happiest day of my life, because I would have finally found the source of love and passion that I was so tired of looking for, which I would enjoy drinking from all my life.









































































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