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Israeli tree pictures

Jewish planter tree and therapeutic benefits owns the leaves and fruits of a large group of nutrients that have the ability to treat a lot of diseases as containing also great medicinal properties,









Preparation method:-This is by preparing a special emulsion of the tree components in liquid form, and it is recommended to drink only one cup per day, in order to avoid any relapse may occur,

Medical properties:-Tonic of blood. For the menstrual cycle. Optimized for consideration. A red eye remover Protector of liver cirrhosis. Improved liver function. High blood pressure reducer. Tonic for Bones. crumbled kidney stones. Diluted for kidney infections. diuretic. Disinfectant for urethra and bladder. A hairline. Gastric laxative. A homum repellent. Reduced body temperature.

Diseases and symptoms treated by the planter:-Chronic constipation. Itching. Mouth sores. Scabies and leprosy. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Inflammation of the gums, teeth and throat. Trachoma. Erectile dysfunction in men. Malaria. Dyspepsia and stomach strikes. Anaemia and anemia. Colon diseases. Yellow. The whites of the eye. Weak stomach. Colic. Lip cracks. Dysentery.





The names of the tree:-famous for many names such as Awsaj, Al-Sahnoun, the Jewish tree, and the grapes of the Deeb, this tree was mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), speaking about the signs of the hour; My kitten that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Don’t do the watch until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them so that the Jew hides from behind the stone and the trees say the stone or the trees o Muslim Oh Abd Allah this is a Jew

Places of TWAGDALSHGRH:-trees are planted in sandy and coastal lands, which are scattered in many areas of the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and the African continent, the most prominent of which are: the desert of the Hijaz. The southern parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in the villages of Oued Sarhan in Tajal Governorate. Kuwait. Palestine. The Negev Desert. The Jordan Valley. Sinai. Libya.

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