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Learn glass painting

Painting on glass of very fine art, the results that can be obtained very impressive, especially when punctuated by beams of light Vtha fees admirable colors and a very simple way You can paint on mirrors or glass,






whether dishes Vases or even windows and shutters and all that lies upon your hand even glass bottles and jars old around in your hands for a wonderful antiques And stop the ease or difficulty painting on glass to ease the painting or Sabtha to be drawn upon.







Drawing tools on the glass:-

This is the best color for drawing on glass and specified and other tools and clear in the picture

– Special colors painting on glass, there are two types: dark colors (not healed and photoresist) / transparent colors (helpfulness and allow the passage of light)







– Registry to identify special painting on glass and multiple colors such as gold and silver and black

– Tanner remove or mitigate colors and cleaning brushes

– A small brush and a soft crayon or each color dropper






– Model or design fee to be applied to the glass

– Carbon and this in the case of our choice of drawing on glass Atm





Method :-

– Make sure the surface is clean glass or mirrors used.

– Move the chosen design on the glass surface by carbon paper or put behind glass design and drawing it.





– Use specified to select the graphic and when constipation Bmahdd drawing on glass Strive to be your hands loose and be pressure With equal force to the tube so that it is not specifically places where thick and elsewhere high, then leave for specified until it is completely dry.






– Use colors, whether brushing or dropper and that in the space inside the selection and beware that coming into contact and the leader of the colors by design signed by your choice.

– Leave the color to dry completely in a safe place as any to touch them before they dry can be distorted appearance and difficult to modify later Here after we saw the drawing and its limit in its specific form and it is in the picture over a black gold or any color you like






And we start to draw

And here after the conclusion of the job

And these are some Alpetronat of Li strabismus try out this wonderful art:

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