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Love Love Love

Your eyes are horizon and range, my love.
Your eyes are seas of the seas of passion and hope
As long as you are lost in them,
And when he approached the beach of the end
The stream of emotion takes me towards the center of the ocean
And throw me between the arms of your eyes and the feeling..






Your eyes are distant horizon and dreamy range
As long as you meditate on them,
And I always wondered about their beauty.






and their ambiguity
and about their ability to prisoners,
My reflections on them became part of my ritual.
And my daily habits.






Your eyes are a plush mattress.
As long as you get it in autumn times,
and a silk blanket.
As long as it’s covered in winter times,
I felt the warmth of my heart.
And I touched the glee of the universe on my comfort.






What do I say in your eyes, my muse?!
What do I say about your eyes, babe?!
I’m puzzled by what I’m saying.
But I hope you don’t deprive me.






From seeing your eyes all my life.
To not lose the source of tenderness and hope,
Without your eyes, I’ll live in a strange, weird,
And without your eyes, I will be in the paths of loss and sorrow.
Without your eyes, I’ll lose the meaning of life.






Are you going to give me that?! ..

And finally peacefully on your eyes
A beautiful peace as your eyes.





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