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As you wrote thousands of poems,
I will write to you and thousands of messages.
Because I like to unite with you in the body of my speeches.
As I am united with you in the spirit of my poems.
And because I like to see you in my hair and prose together,
You don’t miss my sight.
Wherever you turn the pages of my heart and the leaves of my wings.
And because I miss hearing the echo of your heart
and read what your thin fingers are up to
In response to my inflammatory letters.












And as I have in my poems and poetry,
I’ll get you in my letters and my prose.
To show the universe the greatest inspiration
In love for a poet and seeders,
And the world receives you in
First line of Love Book
And the Sayings of love,
Without you, it wouldn’t have been the arts.
And if it weren’t for your art, it wouldn’t be madness.
And if it wasn’t for your cheeks they would not supply the branches
And if it wasn’t for your eyes, I wouldn’t ask the eyes.
And without your great love, my life would not have been.







and don’t blame me
When I named some of my letters to you, prose,
Run with the familiar that they understand.
and don’t blame them
They are ignorant of your magical valley of genius.
They don’t know that every line I write in you is prose.
But I have countless verses
of beautiful, pure, brilliant hair,
Inspiration from your Valley the brilliant poet
The more words are lost.
Extract it from your rich surroundings
With Pearls and jewels
After I’ve been to the depths.

It’s fine
I’ve written a lot of messages for you, my life.
And I’ll keep writing to you and you all my life.
My hopes are blowing me over your love yards.

I wish I was a talented musician.
To get you in my greatest symphony.
And I wish I was a good painter.
To draw you in my most beautiful paintings,
And I wish I was a creative sculptor
I’d give you a statue.
From the solid rock of love.






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