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Man Has NEVER Defeated

The undefeated warrior in the Battle of Khaled BIN al-Walid Saif Allah al-Musoul Khaled BIN al-Walid is a great Islamic leader who was a Muslim mujahedin who lived in the Prophet the best prayers and peace and the prophet called him the nickname of the Sword of God, it was the beginning in ignorance even from Allah Almighty with the blessing of Guidance, he entered Islam after the invasion of the parties, and after his Islam fought with his sword of enemies of the mushriists and hypocrites he was a war commander without dust, and took over the leadership of the Islamic Army in many important battles, which was crowned with victory from God.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said about him, “what is like Khaled from the ignorance of Islam and if he made his religion and grandfather with Muslims on the Mushriks, he would be good for him and our foot on other ” and after Islam he said, “Praise be to Allah, who guided you, I was seeing you a mind that I begged not to give you except to the good.”










The birth and Genesis of the Warrior:-
Khaled ibn al-Walid BIN al-Mukhazoumi al-Qurashi, Abu Suleiman, born in 584 CE to a family of high parentage, was the mother of Alwaleed bin Mughayira, one of the supervision and wealthy Quraish, trained Khaled since the young to equestrian and showed a lot of ingenuity to become a great knight not shoved dust, was one of the brightest leaders Quraish, as he took on the task of “Dome and the inheritances” inherited from his father.
Khaled ibn al-Walid first fought among the polytheists against the Muslims and fought a number of invasions against Muslims as one of the polytheistic leaders who were hostile to Islam, but he was the owner of the credit for turning the victory of Muslims in the conquest of one to defeat after attacking the Islamic Army from behind, after the shooters abandoned their positions and fought a fight A fierce against the Muslims this is quite the opposite of what happened after his Islam he then fought for the sake of God a great fight in which he identified and called all his skills as a knight and he had many victories and tournaments in the battles he fought for the benefit of Muslims.

Embracing Islam:-
He declared his Islam in the eighth year of emigration before the opening of Mecca six months before the conquest of Mutah about two months ago, and he proclaimed his Islam in the hands of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) with both Amr ibn al-AAs and Osman Ben Talha, and since he declared Islam he never lifted his sword except to support Islam and Muslims The leader and the Brave knight that God enabled him to shed his sword on the necks of the mushriks, this sword was restored to him by Victory and Glory to Islam, and he was called by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and handed the title of “The Sword of God”, what the messenger of God said about his Islam “Praise be to God who guided you, I could see you a mind that only delivers to us For good “.
role as an Islamic leader






Wars and Invasions:-

The first of the invasions that Khaled participated in after the Islamic conquest of Mutah, which was between Muslims, Ghassanids and rum, showed a lot of skill and skill in combat in this conquest and led the Muslim army after the fall of his three ambassadors Zeid ibn Harith, Jaafar and Abdallah Bin Rawaha in the battle, and was identified in this Battle until he shot at his hand nine swords during the fighting.
He also participated in the opening of Mecca, the Holy Father of the Prophet (PBUH), peace be upon one of the Islamic brigades that went to Fatah, as he had many other participations in the wars of apostasy launched by Abu Bakr al-Siddiq after the prophet’s death on the apostates and hypocrites, Abu Bakr has assigned the task of answering These apostates of Khaled ibn al-Walid, who did the best of the misfortune in this task, were at the head of these apostates, Taliha Ben Khuwaylid, Meselmeh bin Umama or the liar, who claimed the prophecy, he wore a coat and claimed prophecy and turned around him the tribe of Bani Assad, marched to him Khaled and defeated him and his men Ted Meselmeh The prophecy was claimed and turned around by the Bani Hanifa tribe, and Khaled was also one of the biggest battles that Muslims fought in the wars of apostasy and Khaled triumphed and killed his messenger.
In order to fight the Persians, the caliph, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, took Khaled to the Iraqi army and fought the Persians and the Muslim soldiers and continued to fight them until they annihilated them, and the land of Iraq witnessed spectacular victories for the Muslim military under the leadership of Khaled Ibn al-Walid and took control of large parts of Persia.
Also of the important battles that Khaled led the army in the Battle of Yarmouk, which took place against the army of Rum, where Khaled showed a lot of his talent both leadership and combat, he unite the armies of Muslims to become one force in the face of the army of Turkey, and share the emirate with other competent leaders, agreed With them that the emirate of the army takes over every day one of them, and he began by himself and showed a lot of skill and astassal.
In this battle with the Roman armies, a Roman commander’s Gerja came out to duel Khaled and when Khaled came out for his duel, the captain asked him: “Did God put a sword from the heavens on your prophet, I give it to you, do not ask the people to defeat them.
Khalid said: No
Jerja said: What is the name of Saif Allah?
Khalid said: Allah Almighty has sent us his Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and we have distanced ourselves from him, and then some of us are good and follow him and some of us are helping and lying so I was a liar and a liar and a murderer and then God took our hearts and our prayers and we followed him.
Peace be upon him you are a sword from the Swords of God and a basket on the mushriks and he called me victory so I named Saif Allah so I am one of the strongest Muslims on the mushriks.
Jerja said: Believe me, tell me what the mother calls me.
Khalid said: To the testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is a slave and his messenger and to acknowledge what he has brought from God.
Jerja said: What is his home that comes to you and answers you to this today.
Khalid said: Our status is one so what God has assumed on us is our honorable and humble and the first and the last, so he turned his wallet to Khaled and said to him: he taught me Islam and Khaled took him to his tent and got him with water to cleanse and then he taught him the certificates and went out together fighting rum.

Characteristics and morals of the warrior:-
Abu Bakr al-Seddik died from him and Omar ibn al-Khattab abandoned his position as a caliph for Muslims, and when Khaled learned that he did not tell anyone so that there was no tension and pandemonium among Muslims, and he went on his sword right and left in the ranks of the Romans and induced men to walk and fight until victory for Muslims and the retreat of the rum Disillusioned.
After the death of Abu Bakr and the age of succession, he was ordered to take his father, Obaida bin al-Jarrah, the emirate of the Muslim army instead of Khaled Ibn al-Walid, although Khaled did not meet this order with anger or distress. Yum, which has always affected the rise of Islam and the victory and obedience of the caliph for any personal ambitions that may be extended, and after the Father Obeida led the Army assassin Khaled Ibn al-Walid in the Muslim army as a loyal soldier implements commander orders.






Death of the Brave Warrior:-
Khaled ibn al-Walid died in 642 CE this hero, the Muslim knight who surrendered after he was a polytheist, he believed in God and the Prophet and raised his sword for their victory, his sword was answered to him in triumph and despite the many wars he fought but his death was not in any of these battles but he came in his bed and said in this “what In my body in an inch, he was beaten with a sword, or shot, or stabbed with a spear, and here I am dying on my nose, as the camel dies, the eyes of cowards don’t sleep. ”
May God bless and accept Khaled ibn al-Walid and other Muslims who have spared no effort to support and defend their religion, and to reward him with the best punishment for the Muslims.

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