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Message To the young man

Here we present in this topic words and Tips for Teens from the experiences of men and from the attitudes of young people like them they have passed these attitudes and have been dealt with based on correct ideas and good education and this is not a criticism of those who read but it is an advice to not understand them in their scientific and practical lives, whether you young man In adulthood, adolescence or manhood  :-











* First message *

( young man and girls ) 

Message for some young people

When you open your daughter’s room

And you see she’s buried.


Under her umbrella, hugging her and her.

And you get a bit of it and get down from

Her eyes are burning tears.

Because of a guy who entertained her for

So he hung up on him and then


Remember the days of your indiscretion, young people,

You have a manipulation.

They don t have any guilt

Except they believe you.

You’ll understand clearly when it comes to meaning:

Justice of Destiny






* Second Message

(  The young man and the beggar ) 

A young man went through a poor beggar and stopped by to give him a favor, but when he put his hand in his pockets. Found that he had forgotten the purse..

He apologized to the poor, saying, “Excuse me, Father!”

I forgot my money at home. And hopefully the money will be with me upon my return. The poor man said: Excuse me, my son, you gave me more than everyone, and the boy was astonished, but dad, I didn’t give you anything. At once he said to him, “When you apologized to me, you told me, Dad, and that word I never heard from anyone, which is the most precious word.”

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