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Mosquito Problem in Winter Season

Winter and mosquito tablets and the problem of swelling of the body of the Mosquito tablet and the sound of annoying mosquitoes during sleep and what may cause insomnia and the transmission of diseases by a bite of man and every person in us knows that the most production of mosquitoes is in the winter and also every human being knows that the strongest bites of mosquitoes be in the winter and with the research has found Here in your position, qgard is a solution to the problem of mosquitoes in the winter, two trials seen as effective in eliminating mosquitoes and eliminating the effects of mosquito bites in the body, as follows:-













1. A chemical method of disposing of mosquitoes and expelling them

2-herbal method and medicinal plants to treat the effects of mosquito bites

* Chemical method

We find chemical compounds in certain places (industrial detergents-supermarkets) and these chemical compounds:-

1. The name of the Secretary-General… (NAPHTHALENE)….

Note: NAPHTHALENE Mosquito repellent is placed in small bags in the corners of the house so that children or pets are not eaten at home note: The NAPHTHALENE of the remote can have a negative effect on birds where the birds are killed if the drug is eaten, it must be completely expelled from the bird places






* Herbal preparation method and medicinal plants:-

1- assu fortida or Ferula Assafoetida

2. Myrrh

3-Commiphora myrrha

4- Betadine (red color) This betadine is used to cleanse wounds.

Method of preparation of ointment:-

Assu Fortida, Commiphora myrrha, myrrh = mixture of three materials

Add them to the betadine so that it becomes like ointment (cream)

And then we put the cream on the place of mosquito bites (mosquito tablet) and in a day or two he will disappear after the mosquito bite

Note: The mixture is placed and after 24 hours you will notice the result 

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