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My darling ,I miss you

My darling, I missed you.
I miss your smile.
For your whispers and your words and your pains
… Oh, My darling.






If you know how much I miss you,
If I spoke, I’d be tired of talking.
Even if I cried to peat tears






Oh, My darling.
I want to hug you on my chest.
I touch your cheeks with my fingers.
To kiss your eyes with my lips.






To cover you when you sleep with my ribs.
And to wake up to your loud voice.
The writing pages will not be enough to write how much I miss you.






Or how much I love
Or how I am
Or how crazy you are
My love
Love I hate for you.






Because you are of the greatest love
It is the greatest tenderness
And from the hugs I pay
My love
No, honey, it’s not enough for you.







My heart might fulfill because I can’t live without it.
But you are the biggest
Then go back to my arms.
That is ridden by loneliness and fear







How I wish I could say it.
How much did you wish to feel?
I wish I could write it.
And on the walls of your heart dig it
I wish my sense of ink and sky of paper and on your moon draw it





I love you.
How I wish my Love was a rose.
On her perfume you wake up
How I wish my love was a bundle to be on its lap.
How I wished my love to be a story so that your dream would wander.







I love you.
If the heart pronounced to pronounce letters with your name
If the eye was pronounced, you would have said the beauty of your face.
If it’s a hand to pronounce, you’ll be safe to touch.
But I have nothing but lips.
You can only say






I love you.
I love you for everything I have, and I don’t have my age but you.
The one who made me happy and shot me.
You are the one who made me tired and crave me
I love you.
With all meanings
In all languages






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