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My Life After Leaving

On that day…

Our souls embraced..!!
Our hopes are scattered..!!
Our men blended..!!
Our footsteps accelerated..!!






In order to be..!!
We dreamed of a thousand dreams and dreams.
We painted rainbow colors our dreams..!!
We sent a kiss with the wind…
We were a joy of age..!!






That day…
It was love…
The longing was…
Everything was beautiful..!!

On this day..!!

After leaving…






You are calling me…
With words I never expected.
Did not consider his decision..
itself for reasons..!!
Never let things take…
Her to know the truth.






At the right time.
Didn’t realize the meaning of..
Excuse your brother seventy excuse me.
It may not be treason.
As far as it may be…






Circumstances force you to dimension..!!
Hinder your direction..!!
I don’t blame her…
Difficult to be absent.
When we do not show the reasons..!!







But there are bigger things than us..!!
There are a thousand reason and reason..!!
It may make us go away!
But what I thought myself..






To describe who I loved one night.
reprehensible of qualities..!!
How the words of love…
To the words of a nobody…
The self-healing and healing..!!
After we did not stand…
On the truth of the reasons..!!
how and how..






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